Spring '07 collection (part 1)


The first part of my Spring '07 collection which was shown at DIVA '07. The rest of the collection will be shown at Voltage; Fashion Amplified '07 on April 11th.

The jersey collection can be found at Design Collective and here, on katherinegerdes.com starting April 14th, or you can email me

Thanks to a great team for pulling the photo shoot together so quickly:

Photographer: Justin Grierson
Stylist: Brenda Sanford
Models: Asha Renae, Aurora & Joy


what's this?

You are currently browsing the portfolio of Katherine Gerdes, yup that Katherine Gerdes, a fashion designer, snowboarder, and all around creative kid currently living in Minneapolis, MN. If you want to find out more about me head on over and check out my journal or my bio, or if you're really interested you can read my resume

it's that simple ...

I believe that fashion should be fun, creative, and above all else, comfortable. Whether it be casual, everyday clothes or a special one time evening gown, it should feel good. If the person wearing it is not comfortable, it defeats the purpose. And if it feels good, you'll look good. It's that simple.

... and i love it!