AUF'D Runway: Sketches for the final challenges...

I haven’t made them yet, but here are some sketches for the remaining challenges… just to get you excited!

couture dresses

Couture Challenge
Here are some sketch ideas for the couture dress challenge. As the saying goes, I’m “killing two birds with one dress” and combining a project I’m working on to create a dress for the launch of Tiffany’s Frank Gehry jewelry collection. My dress for that is inspired by his “fish” collection. I’ve ordered some lt. weight jersey fabric, which is something that I’m really into working with right now, for this dress.

BW sketches

Black & White Challenge
Some ideas for the Black and White challenge. I’d like to find a B&W striped silk and work with pleating the fabric at the top to create the shape and to use the entire amount of fabric…let’s just hope I can find the right fabric!

elle outfits

Final Challenge
Just some preliminary sketches for the final “do what you want” challenge… I’m getting ready to start working on my collection for the next Voltage: Fashion Amplified show here in Minneapolis (April 07) and would like to play with lots of layering and possibly some quilted outerwear…


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Ooh these look really good, I’m especially excited to see the final result of the ‘’do what you want’’ challenge, they’re all so different and fun looking. It makes me sad to think that you didn’t get to do a final collection. Ah well, there’s always next year.

I love your sketches too Katy, I know you say you’re not an artist, but they really are great, and I went to art school so I know my sketching. ;) I love the vaguely anime proportions, and the poses are so cute.

The sketches are great! I can’t wait to see what the end product looks like! I’m in love with the last 3 sketches. =)

I like the first and third sketches for the couture challenge…I think the first is the most innovative/interesting though!

For B&W, the first sketch appeals to me the most, but the second looks more interesting…

And for the final challenge, I love all three! If I had to pick one though, I’d go with #2.

Katy always a fan.
wish we could ahve seen and heard more of you at the reunion [though i’d probably be just as quiet over all that drama, shit.]

For the couture, im really digging the 3rd and 4th sketches. Mostly the fourth, its vintage looking-its different looking- could be quite breathtaking all finished. Any ideas for a color palette? Which design are you leaning towards?

Black and white challenge
im into the 2nd and 3rd, but im not sure which one more. Both are appealing at first glance and both look completley adoarble and wearable. really excited for these.

Final Challenge
The quilting effects and some of the sketching looks a bit reminiscent to Jay Mccarrols finale for season 1 [dont get angry at that! ] I want to see more of what your thinking on these designs, so far it looks great. What other ideas/color palette are you going for? Do you have a story or a big picture idea behind the design concept to make this a cohesive collection? So far they look fantastic and i can def. see cohesion.

Hello Katy,
I just found your web site and I am completely blown away that you kept on with the challenges! Blown away!!!

I imagine there were serious time constraints with the subjects covered on the reunion episode, but why they didn’t mention you doing this after being auf’d…well…it makes NO sense at all. Very creative of you to keep going and playing along. Also very CLASSY.

I would have much rather heard about you doing this than the montages to Jeff’s gas leak or the fainting models or the Angela vs. Jeff feud, etc. Oh well…

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing your final designs. Keep up the great work and best of luck to you in the future!

  • #5 Amy
    5 October, 18:12

I really like the dress on the far left for the couture challenge. Very cute! Are you going to write your reaction to the reunion show? I’d like to know what you thought, since we didn’t get to hear you speak too much!

  • #6 Stacey
    6 October, 06:46

Nice sketches, I love how you make the model look so playful and happy in the sketches for the couture challenge.

For the couture challenge, the first and last look the most interesting, although I don’t know how you would do the waist on the first. It looks like a potential threat of creating unflattering figure if not done right (and ofcourse you can only do right ;)).
I also wonder how you imagined the front of the last one, it looks pretty interesting from behind.

For the B&W challenge I would go for the first or second, they look the most original. Making a garment out of black and white stripes would probably make me hate stripes for a year or so, good luck with that.

For the final challenge, I adore them all, although they all look like outfits for the fall or winter so I wonder if the skirt on the third one isn’t a bit too summery.
I could certainly imagine the cape of the second one with a huge hoodie made of some tweed or checkered fabric (the scottish patern in a brown or something)..

Can’t wait to see them and hope you had fun in NY during the fashion week.


I really like the first sketch for each project, but I especially like the first design for the ‘’do what you want’’. It looks wearable for a woman of any age.

  • #8 Ann
    7 October, 11:18

I wonder, how will you get the words to use? I mena, on the show they had a list. Maybe we can send in list of words to you?

  • #9 Dylan
    7 October, 14:36

I think of all the designers this season, your clothes looked the most wearable while still maintaining a quirky edge. My opinion is absolutely complemented by your project continuations and terrific sketches (not an an artist? whatev.) and I look forward to being able to buy buy buy whatever you put out in the future.

Please post pictures of your fashions here once this whole Auf’d thing is over, I’d love to see what else you’ve done, and what you’ve worked on.

Katy we love you at BPR. You are extremely talented and I look forward to each one of your challenges. I especially love your sketches and it will be fun to watch and see how they develop into actual garments.

I also want you to know how much I appreciate the quality of your site. Your videos are well-edited and interesting (which can’t be easy) and your links and favorites are fabulous. I don’t know how you do it all. I salute you!

  • #12 Laura K
    10 October, 18:59

Wow, these look fantastic! I can’t wait!

  • #13 Julian
    10 October, 19:46


I love the second sketch for the Black & White Challenge. It looks edgy, but also comfortably chic.

As for the Couture Challenge, I am not sure how the second sketch would turn out. I think that it may lack some shape and/or movement.
I like the idea, and I would love to see if you could, in the words of Tim Gunn, ” Make it work. ” : )

I really like your work and I can’t wait to see the outcome of these designs!

  • #14 Sara
    13 October, 01:27

Thanks guys! I’m glad you like the sketches! I’m having some issues with my serger, so my couture dress is on hold, but I’m thinking I might just start and put up the B&W challenge if my machine isn’t fixed soon! I was able to find some B&W striped fabric that I’m happy with and I’m leaning towards the second sketch for that challenge.

Also, I realized after I did the sketching for the final “do what you want” challenge that I can’t really use those ideas for my collection at Voltage because that needs to be a spring collection. Oh well. I know it’s early, but I’m even leaning towards using those to develop into something next fall!

Chris – I hadn’t thought about it, but your right about it feeling a bit like Jay… I love it! He’s been my favorite designer in all 3 seasons and I think it’s because our styles are very similar.

Laura K – Thanks! I would have to say the same about BPR. It’s the only blog site I read because you guys do such a great job at keeping it positive! oh…and the fact that you find out all the info, I’ve learned & read so many things that I didn’t know about PR and even myself! :)

Dylan – the designers came up with the words themselves to describe their style, but I would love to hear what you guys think best describes mine!

Hmmm… words to best describe your style… Ones that I would pick would be: playful, youthful, functional, energetic, lively, eclectic, colorful and fun. Any three of those would work I think.

I love the outfets that you were going to do.Half of them you would have won.My favorites are your Macys and Recile.They were great!!!!

  • #17 Katie K
    18 October, 19:47


I’m a fellow Minneapolitan and fashion fan, and despite having RAN INTO AND RECOGNIZED YOU ONCE (at Memory Lanes, was too shy to say anything, although you actually might have noticed me bcs I am the opposite of smooth) I read through all your challenges in one sitting, and am so pissed that you got auf’d because your garments rock my socks. Now that I’m an official Katy Gerdes fan, I’ll be checking back to see the final challenges. :-)

  • #18 Maureen
    24 October, 06:16


I’m a fellow Minneapolitan and fashion fan, and despite having actually run into and recognized you once (at Memory Lanes, was too shy to say anything, although you actually might have noticed me bcs I am the opposite of smooth) I just discovered your website yesterday, and now I’m totally pissed that you got auf’d because these designs rock my socks. Especially if those B&W dresses have pockets (as the sketches suggest?). Dresses with pockets are the Holy Grail of my closet.

(addendum: Oops I just finished submitting that comment and now I wish I hadn’t used my name, bcs if I ever meet you in real Minne-life, it might be embarrassing.)

  • #19 Maureen
    24 October, 06:29

This is atrocious. Why am I so computer illiterate. I KNEW I’d just embarrass myself, auughghhhH!!

  • #20 Maureen
    24 October, 06:32

Love all the designs Katherine! Can’t wait!

  • #21 samantha
    30 October, 11:13

Second or last couture. Second black and white (but be creful not to make it look zebra-stripy)—the first one is nice too, but third is too expected. Definetly second what the elle (what thsoe three are all freakign FANTASTIC!).

  • #22 Michael
    31 October, 19:45

Hi Katie!
im sara , the girl who you wrote a autograph to and gave to her sis at the chocolate extravaganza.
all of these i really like, and im exited to see the last dress on the couture challenge, and all the outfits on the last challenge! you should design for kids, our choices are quite limited, to un-original chain clothing stores , and your style is really cool and new. Keep up the good work!


I love your site! My mom and I met you at the Chocolate Extrvaganza. We are really excited for you upcoming line. It’s awesome to look at your designs.

  • #24 Hayley
    4 December, 16:31


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