AUF’d Runway: “Everyday Woman” Episode 7


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In the video, you mention your new sewing machine, and how you catalog all the stitches. Could you tell us a little about the thing: what it is, whether you like it/would recommend it/etc?

On the outfit, I’m a little concerned about the hem on the sweater. It seems like it would tend to draw the eye to an area in which gravity is not always kind. Loved the colors, loved the neckline of the tank top, I thought those were very flattering.


  • #1 Jim
    8 September, 15:44

Great job! Looks like that was exactly what Corky wanted. Plus, copious cat shots! Awesome :o)

Good question Jim! My new sewing machine is a Juki coverstitch serger. The main reason I got it was to create a coverstitch, which is that double row topstitching with the zig zag underneath (usually found on hems of tee shirts). It’s very useful for someone who works with a lot of knit fabrics (me!) because it finishes the hems and stretches at the same time. I would recommend it for sure, but only to someone who really needs it as it’s not necessary for most sewers, but it sure is fun to have!

Good comment on the hem of the sweater! On a heavier women, I might have changed it, but overall with Corky I thought the shape would actually draw the eye in and up, in effect creating a slimmer look. Plus the waistband of the skirt helps to hold in a tummy.

Great job, as always. I think it was a one day challenge. What do you think of the time constraint? Would have done anything differently, given more time (like a 2nd day)?

  • #4 TVTVTV
    8 September, 16:59

Katy! If you want people to follow your work and care that you were associated to Project Runway, which is your claim to fame, you should post your responses in a more timely manner

  • #5 malinda
    8 September, 17:14

TVTVTV – The time frame was pretty short, I think had there been more time, then I might have made her a real jacket that wasn’t knit, but I’d be worried about the fit with that short amount of time. Good question!

Malinda – I agree that it would be best if I could get these up sooner sometimes, but please give me a break. I am doing this in my spare time after I’m done working, while I’m trying to continue making custom pieces and things to sell, and also while I’m trying to figure out my career/life after Project Runway. Oh yeah…plus I’m also trying to squeeze in time for my boyfriend, family and friends. Not only do I have to follow the challenge, I also have to spend time editing the video and writing the post. Were this a job or something I was being paid to do, I assure you that I would meet the weekly deadline.

I appreciate that you are reading and watching and while I’m happy to be associated with Project Runway, I’m not doing this for ‘Fame.’ I am merely doing this because I enjoyed the show and I enjoy design. Hopefully after this people will like me because of my work and not only because I was on the show.

Yay Flaming Lips! That was such an excellent concert – so happy the rain stayed away. Hee, just had to get that out of the way.

I really love the sweater and tank. I can totally see my mom/aunts wearing those pieces. Not so much the skirt, but that’s mainly because they don’t wear a lot of skirts. The only criticism I can see being made by the judges – is this something she could already own? It all looks really well made, and looks like something she would wear, and this is the difficulty of the challenge, that the everyday woman doesn’t necessarily want to be on the cutting edge of fashion, but wants something that looks good and feels good, which clearly this does. shrug Meh, the judges are lame anyways. :) Good job.

  • #7 Sarah
    8 September, 18:19

Hi, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you taking the time to do these challenges. I like learning more about the trials and tribulations of fashion, and it’s also great to see your work, because we really didn’t get to see much of you on the show. So, thanks!
I like this outfit, and being a plus-size myself, I appreciate your point of view when it comes to dressing larger women. I would totally wear that skirt, by the way.
Oh yeah, I also loved your miss usa gown, the recyclable dress, and the janis joplin outfit.

  • #8 patty
    8 September, 18:44

Great work. I think you did one of better jobs here. I admit, I do miss these when they are not up quickly, but I am not going to gripe because I really enjoy them, and you are doing this on your time, not ours. Keep up the good work, and keep yourself sane.

  • #9 cw
    8 September, 19:06

Hey Katheine, I love your week to week, Auf’d runway and I think youre a great designer

I loved your Macy’s outfit especially

however, to be honest, this I think it’s my least favorite one out of all the ones you’ve done

the skirt’s pretty and looks good on her but the sweater doesn’t really do much for her figure at all

especially with the white shirt showing on her belly area

and I do wish if it was in different color, not gray

it almost looks frumpy….

but great job nevertheless!

I can’t wait for the next challenge

  • #10 Sang
    8 September, 22:10

Katy, I love all of the pieces, but especially the tank. You’re so creative. Thanks for doing all of these; they are really fun to watch!

  • #11 Julian
    8 September, 22:19

Well, Corky seems to love it, and it seems like she is having a great time modling it, but I’m not so crazy about it. I can see your style in it, which is important, but somehing about it turns me off. I think the shirt sould be a nicer color, but all and all i think its alright, just my two cents, sorry to be critical.

  • #12 Dylan
    8 September, 22:50

I also attended the Flaming Lips concert. They were amazing. I have also had the Yeah Yeah Yeah song stuck in my head. I was just annoyed that the rain delayed the concert… I am a huge Magic Numbers fan. But at least the Lips gave them the stage for a couple songs.

Can’t wait to see what you listen to while doing the “couture” challenge!

I love the color of her skirt Kat. Very gorgeous. The tank looks nice as well. Even better, is designing the outfit for an everyday woman, I felt you did just that. I could certainly wear something like that. I’m, a sweater whore. I own just about every wrap, sweater, and shawl ever made. Drives my husband batty because as soon as the tempurature dips below 85 degrees, I drag out the sweater. Wintertime, my condition worsens. LOL

What I really like about the outfit you designed is that you don’t have to wear the whole thing all at once. You could wear each piece seperate. I saw in the comments you caught flack for not doing the Auf’ds fast enough for some people’s taste, but honestly, I’m grateful you’re even doing them at all. How many other designers who are no longer on the show, Allison, Malan, Robert, Bradley, to name a few are doing these challenges for fun? No one made you do these, you’re doing them because you felt like it, not for fame, but for fun. And I for one appreciate it because we get to see the talent that brought you to the show. Thank you Kat for taking time out of your day. Not only do you blog on your site, but your also review on Blogging Project Runway, as well as Auf’d challenges.

I know how precious time is as I have so little of it to myself lately. I’m a mother of a special needs child. My daughter is 10 years old who is 6 to 7 emotionally and missing part of her brain. Because of this she has seizure disorder with bladder problems and now we are finding may be possibly autistic as well. On top of this, she is physically violent to me because she is my height so she doesn’t see me as an authority figure. It can get very stressful, and for me, Project Runway is my stress release. My daughter still uses training wheels because she doesn’t have balance due to missing part of her brain, yet I have people say I’m too lazy to teach her to ride right. Lately I’ve learned to ignore the haters. I say keep doing what you love Kat and, do the same, ignore the haters.

  • #14 Patty C.
    9 September, 09:21

First of all I want to say that I, too, really enjoy your take on all these challenges and I say keep doing them in your own time. Why anyone would think they have a right to comment on the timeliness of a blog that involves a great deal of work, all done on a volunteer basis, and which we get to read and be entertained by, is beyond me!

Also, Creative Kidstuff is one of the things I miss most since moving away from MN. I had no idea your mom was connected to the stores! Tell her “thanks” from me for many years of helping me stock my Montessori classroom with fun things and for all the bags of free “odds and ends” from the gift wrap section that the kids would use to make collages!

I really like the outfit you made for this challenge and thought that it would have easily been one of the top contenders among the other designs on the show. It is certainly very wearable and also has an expensive look to it. I really like the cut of the jacket and felt it gave the whole thing a very modern feel. Still wish you were on the show, though!

  • #15 Tracy
    9 September, 12:02

This completely looks like something you could buy at a store. I like the fabric cause it’s not too shiney but still works, ya know? Still, i believe you were ROBBED, but what can I say. You do have plenty of excuses but who doesn’t haha.

Good luck on the Jetsetter challenge for the reunion special (?), if it is, you should definately tell everyone that it is for Auf’d but not forgotton.

Good Luck, Matt

Oh yea and I love the “I couldn’t have taken my pattern books. Like Keith, just kidding!” haha, it’s great. I forgot in the last comment the question I was gonna ask. I took a Fashion and Textiles class, and our teacher wouldn’t let us tie the knot like, 4 times she made us roll it to make the big knot like you did in your video, and I have NO clue how to do that. Like, I don’t even know where to start. Do you just circle it around your finger and roll it? It confuses me, Thanks Katy,



Is there any way to lighten up the background? It’s hard to see the details on your clothes because the lighting is so dark in your pictures. Maybe touch-up with Photoshop?

From what I can make out, the silhoutte is quite flattering. And the skirts shows off her great legs. Nice work!

Just out of curiosity, do you think it would have been more difficult to design for an obese or very overweight woman? “Corky” looks like she’s in great shape. She reminds me of Uli or Jeff’s mother in her build. Very fit. Would your approach have been different for someone with a heftier shape like Vincent’s sister or Angela’s mother?

  • #18 Siobahn
    9 September, 18:04

Is there any way to buy your designs?

Hey Katherine. While your outfit is very cute… I just think it’s more fitting for someone of a younger age and that the judges would have ripped you apart like they did to Kayne

  • #20 Victoria
    10 September, 05:28

Love the outfit. Fantastic music choices. TV on the Radio are the best!

  • #21 Jen
    10 September, 07:20

I love the skirt, and I like the sweater and top, but something about the three pieces isn’t meshing together for me? Perhaps because the purple is so strong I want to see a bit of the color as an accent either in the tank top or the sweater? Or it could be solved with just a clever bit of accessorizing, a nice purple necklace or something.

I also have to agree with some other posters on the cut of the sweater at the bottom, it appears a bit unflattering, but it could just be the photos. Corky is right to like wearing skirts though, she certainly does have great legs! All in all it’s not my favorite design that you’ve done so far, but she does look adorable.

While it seems to be a well made garment, I thought that the first picture was a before picture, not an after picture. I think the judges would say: You made the client happy, but what part of this outfit is really you? The judges love to bash designers who follow their clients too closely and don’t add their individual stamp.

It wouldn’t have been the worst outfit, though. That was Jeffrey’s. And actually I liked it better than Vincent’s. I have no idea how he won that week.

Hey, are you going to fly somewhere for the jetsetter challenge?

  • #23 GL
    10 September, 14:49

Katherine, your site makes me so homesick! Your Mom runs Creative Kidstuff????? I haven’t lived in Minneosta in years and years and years, but I know the store well. I remember your Mom from your bio video … it seems like you got lucky in that department! I’m not lying, after looking at your site, I checked out Craigslist for apartments in Minneapolis! You’re a great designer … good job with Corky’s outfit. Can’t wait to see what you do with couture!

  • #24 Susan
    12 September, 19:04

Hi Katy.

First let me say that I love that you’re doing this whole Auf’d Runway thing. I especially appreciate that you don’t just show us a finished product, and that you actually post videos! (Heaven only knows that I can’t video tape myself doing anything without having half the frame be empty space.) I know it must take a lot of time for you. I think that you are so talented, and I love most of your work.

That said, I am disappointed with this particular design. I really like the skirt, the overall color palatte, and the idea behind it. It seems understated and sophisticated. What worries me is the cut of the jacket. I don’t know much about fashion, but it looks really boxy, and makes her look really big on top. I also don’t really understand those folds that are there even when she has the jacket almost laying flat. It looks excessive and bulky. As a heavier girl myself, I know that I wouldn’t want to wear something that hid my (not so tiny) waist and made me look bigger on top.

Otherwise, it is a nice design. I think it’s very age appropriate.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the couture and black-and-white challenges.


Katherine, I’m really enjoying your blog, not only for the designs but for all the technical tips. I’m going to hunt down some of those weights, ASAP, and when I get back to sewing I’m going to keep coming back for other helpful hints.

I really liked the skirt on this outfit. As a woman about the same size and age as your “other mom,” I think I’d wear the skirt about an inch longer and I’d tuck in the camisole so I’d have a long dark line (yeah, everybody’s a critic ;-) ) but I’d happily own each of those pieces.

I enjoy your contributions to Blogging Project Runway, too.

My cats (one is helping me type this) say hi to your cats.


I LOVE that you are doing this challenges, and doing the great explanatory video of your process! You explain your work very well, and it takes me back to my college days of putting myself thru school working in the Drama Dept as the Assistant Costumer. I appreciated that Alex puts his stamp of approval on all fabrics~smart puss!

As a larger size woman, I would probably have tucked in the camisole also to not break the visual line going over the tummy area. Also, the sleeve length or maybe their snugness, was bothering me. It made the sweater seem too small and constrained, though your design seemed comfortable. Nitpicky I know…lol…but you did a good job of listening to your model and giving her something you put your stamp on, but she also loved!

And hey, don’t apologize for taking your time getting these challenges up. Heck, it will give me something to look at when the well runs dry at BPR after the season finale/reunion shows!!! I am sooooo gonna miss all the great stuff online about this season….so, keep the treats coming, Katy!

And not to worry, the Nigerian businessmen ALREADY seem to have my email address and have promised me millions$$$$

  • #27 Marlene
    16 September, 15:38

It has been fun seeing what you are coming up with for the challenges. For this outfit, I think the overall concept is great. The skirt is fabulous. The white tank, however, I think looks jarringly bright against the dark skirt and jacket. I would remedy this by creating a similar tank in a lighter and coordinating shade of gray to blend subtly with the jacket. Maybe the existing tank could be dyed? If not gray, then a lighter shade of the skirt color. Otherwise, I love this outfit and would wear it myself… and I’m almost old enough to be one of the moms on the ‘mom challenge’.

  • #28 Kat
    20 September, 11:08

Keep it up!!

I think this blog is pretty cool, and I’ll keep watching your work. Proj. Runway is a great show, and it’s cool to be able to see how you work.


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