AUF’d Runway: “Waste Not, Want Not” Episode 6


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The dress came out beautifullyKat! Very well done. I understand wanting to use everything you had in mind, but even Kayne had that problem, so don’t feel bad. I thought the bubble skirt looked good with the stand up halter collar. I love fashion since I was a child. I can draw the clothes, but can’t sew worth a damn. LOL I have no idea what to do with a pattern, let alone a sewing machine and actually failed the sewing part of home econics in high school. How pitiful is that? If it weren’t for acing the cooking part in the last half of the semester, my butt would have had to actually had to go to summer school for home ec! LOL Maybe some day I’ll be able to do something with my designs and ideas like you do. Until then, I give it up to you girl!!

  • #1 Patty C.
    26 August, 15:31

Wow. That dress is really pretty. Its looks alittle Laura like, but with your style input too.

  • #2 Dylan
    26 August, 18:08

Ha! That’s funny Dylan…I never even thought about it looking Laura-like (other than they were both white), but after you said that, I realized the pleated bottom is similar to her dress. Funny how you don’t notice those things. I had been playing around with the plastic and decided that pleating the skirt was the best way to get the fit I was looking for and that it would work nicely with the pleated halter.

omg, I luff the belt!

  • #4 Taylor M
    26 August, 22:00

This is amazing. I wish you’d have been able to stay around longer. My friend and I agree that both you and Bonnie would have owned the mom challenge, because we feel you really understand women’s bodies and what women want to wear… which doesn’t just come from being a woman.. you just have to have it.

  • #5 April
    27 August, 03:02

The belt totally makes the dress. And the dress doesn’t drape like plastic!

  • #6 e
    27 August, 08:09

another beautiful design! i really love what you did with the belt. great idea to take apart the ends and braid them together. it really brings another dimension to the dress.

Yay! Another fantastic episode of Auf’d.
I really think your dress is great, and it would have been in direct competition with Laura’s, whose was well-received by the judges. I think they would have loved the wire belt (maybe even more than the For Nuts Only). I loved the wire belt. I’d wear it! It would make an adorable headband too. And cuff. And ring. And shoes. The rainbow wire rocks. Wow, that sounds like it would be hard to say out loud. It really gives a simple dress a great look and a point of view. But the dress isn’t really just’ simple’ either. I really like how the psuedo-collar is different and fresh, but in a subtle way. But the whole thing is glamorous and fun. You should have used the sherrif’s badge as a brooch.
Well, just kidding. Okay maybe if you had 4 or 5 of them down in a row like frog closures. Nah.
I especially love the practicality of the material – even though it’s white, it’s waterproof so you could get caught in the rain wearing it and not give a show.
I would have loved it if the gloves had worked, because the color is great. But whatever will be will be, as you said. I think a blue belt from the gloves would have been sweet, but the wire is so much better. So your outfit rocks, even without the gloves.
I wish we had a store like Ax-man’s around here, it looks awesome (and addictive).
Thanks for your talent and insight week after week :o) Keep it up, I can’t wait to see what you do for the Every day woman challenge.

I dig the rainbow belt and the use of the wire, it really came out nice and brought some jazz to the dress which is fairly simple. The dress came out nice as well, I think the sillouette is different and fun, although it’s not particularly my taste. I much prefer it over Laura’s “for nuts only” dress, which I agree has a similar simple look to it. The rainbow wire belt definitely makes the piece. Bravo Katy!

I do want to know what you intend to do with that sherriff’s badge though, the fashion police perhaps?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that rainbow belt (make ‘em and sell ‘em. Seriously. I’d buy one.)

That said…I hate to sound kind of negative, but while I think it’s an adorable dress, I also don’t get these poofy skirts at all! Maybe it’s just me, but I much prefer a skirt that flows, rather than one that makes me feel like I look like a pincushion or something.

But I love the neckline to pieces. It actually makes me think of the Marilyn dress (you know—THE Marilyn dress).

I’m loving the sherrif pin!

The dress looks nice, don’t think it would’ve won the challenge (they would probably go on about it being to boring or something, although Laura did have a white dress too).

I really like the collar on this dress, the way it stands up gives it some personality and the belt is a nice touch, although it would probably look better if it was a bit tighter.

The last photo with the fountain background is stunning.

You rock on with the AUF’ed runway and entertain us with your so called crazy little things in the videos.

It’s a great inspiration to see what you do with every challenge

Ax Man – Brilliant! That place is so bizarre, I could spend hours there. Nowhere else do I find myself saying “I’m sure I need a disembodied doll head. Really! I do!” Plus I love the humorous little signs they put on some things.
The rainbow belt is fantastic. I also really like the pleating on the halter – it really flatters the model!
Great stuff.

  • #12 barb
    27 August, 11:51

Omg Katy, that dress is gorgeous. Although it is somewhat Laura-like, you didn’t make it highwasted and the v-neck is a lot better defined than on her dress. The rainbow belt is undoubtedly soooooo you but I would definately wear it, even though I am a guy haha. I am SOOOOOOO mad that school has started back up so I can’t check your site every dat in the morning for updates, it makes me sad. But I’ll try and stay Gerdes-Tacular.

Love, Matt

Wow, Katy, lovely dress! :) I love your commentary too, it’s so nice hearing your thoughts about the process (I wish they’d do more of that on PR actually).

Looking forward to what you dream up for the family challenge!

Your model is gorgeous, and so is the dress! It reminds me of the beautiful way Japanese presents are wrapped, or of something that a very tasteful Bjork would wear. P.s. I’m a Weezer fan too.

  • #15 E.J.
    27 August, 19:54

So cute, love the look!

... oh, and I like the dress too. :)

  • #16 DC
    27 August, 20:02

I can hear Michael Kors and Nina Garcia both loving that belt. I think they’d love the dress, too, although, as has been pointed out, it is a bit Laura-esque. But if you had been on the show, I doubt that would have been an issue really. Good work!

  • #17 Mary
    27 August, 20:21

It looks a lot like Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress. Nice for being made out of non-traditional materials. Not crazy about the bottom, but you’re safely in. I have to wonder if your picnic table was more fabric-like than what the other designers had, though. Maybe you could have made a scarf out of the blue gloves.

  • #18 GL
    27 August, 20:24

Hey Katherine! I love the wire belt, it works really well with the dress. I’ve always liked pleats… unless they’re on men’s pants… that I’m forced to wear for school uniforms.

Haha.. oh well.
Great job though! I’ll have to visit that fountain area. It looks gorgeous. I’m so ashamed I don’t get to the cities as much as I’d like to!

i love it! i think a lot of the designers on the show really went over the top—the novelty of the challenge may have distracted them from actually designing wearable clothes. your dress is really cute, especially the belt!

  • #20 tara
    28 August, 02:12

Great dress! I think you would have won if you were on the show. I have to say, though, having spent many hours at ax-man back in high school, you definitely had a wider array of materials to choose from than the folks on the show.
BTW< is that the fountain at Orchestra Hall?

  • #21 Alexis
    28 August, 08:37

The belt is awesome and I love the bodice and collar. I’m personally not a fan of bubble skirts, but this looks wearable and comfortable and I would really admire it in a store. I like most of your designs and hope I get to see some for sale in the future. Keep up the great work!

  • #22 Becky
    28 August, 10:19

As always, I love this :) The belt came out fantastically. I love the idea of using the wire. Your construction skills were very good on the top too – it doesn’t look like tarp from far away! The hem was kind of bubble-skirty… I dunno, I didn’t like that too much. The top’s also a bit see-through, which could’ve been a little too risque for the judges taste. Other than that, I think you did a very nice job :D I LOVE the stand-up collar though ^^; Very cute.

I thought I was the only person in the world that had heard of the Presidents of the USA…

This dress is absolutely amazing!!! This is a clear cut winner if it had actually been on the runway in the show. I love how you used the wire to make a bow, and I was really happy to see it because I was working something similar into a dress I’m making for a friend and it was great to actually see what it might look like. Keep up the great work!

What a beautiful dress! I especially love the use of the rainbow wire. It really looks like something you would see in stores, if it weren’t made out of plastic. :) I also wanted to say that love your playlists!

  • #25 Jen
    28 August, 20:40

I’d buy that rainbow belt in every color!

Okay, first of all, i want to say that i LOVED you on project runway. I just found this website and think that this is really cool what you’re doing. I don’t really follow fashion, but you’re officially my favorite designer! Anyway, love the dress. It’s very fun and sweet. And you like sublime! Rock on, baby!

  • #27 Katie
    29 August, 14:03

Okay, so I actually watched/read this a while ago but am just getting around to commenting now. Personally I think the top half of the dress is great and the bottom half is just kind of blah. I’m not a big fan of the poofy skirt thing. The collar however and the folding (whatever you call it) details are really nice. It really accentuates the neck and shoulders.

The belt is really cool too, and I can imagine that it would be super awesome if you had been able to spend a little more time shaping and forming the “tail” into some kind of more sculptural ball of wire type thing.

Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see what you do next.

Great stuff as always, I really appreciate your contribution to the internet, content! yay!

katy, girl! that came out great!!! i love it!

(AND your model can walk in it! huzzah!)

  • #30 bronx girl
    2 September, 17:24

i am really impressed with your “waste not” outfit and it is really satisfying as a fan of theshow and one that was sad to see you go to see what you would have done…it is really gratafying. i look forward to seeing your future interpretations.

  • #31 ea
    2 September, 17:46


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