AUF’d Runway: “Iconic Statement” Episode 5

I want to start off by saying a big “Thanks!” to everyone who suggested icons for this challenge! There were so many great suggestions and icons that would have been fun to work with (Mary Tyler Moore being one of my favorites!). I wanted to follow the show as close as possible, so I let my model Jodi pick from the suggestions who she wanted the icon to be. It was no surprise to me that she picked Janis Joplin! Janis is her idol and I think style icon as well, so it was a perfect fit! I also thought it would be fun to update her rocker-hippy look.

Janis Joplin outfit

My concept for Janis Joplin’s updated look was to create something that was comfortable and stage ready, but still had a rock and roll, sexy “bad girl” vibe to it. I decided on a flowy, printed chiffon that had a 70’s hippy feel to it, but was very modern and had some great colors in it. Over that I wanted to create a cropped bolero/shrug jacket and found some fantastic metallic bronze/gold leather pieces! They were crumpled up in a bin and I thought that would make a really great “distressed” look for the jacket. Almost like Janis had it on tour and would stuff it in her bag all the time when not wearing it. I also wanted to make the jacket gold, because while researching Janis, I read that at one time she said she wanted a gold lame jacket. I thought this would be a great updated version of that.

Janis Joplin jacket

I wanted to update her bell-bottom pants with a modern, super slim, dark jean. I thought it would be fun to pair these with either some knee high boots or some sexy wedge heels. In the end I went with the heels because I didn’t want brown boots and the black didn’t work with the dark denim. I also liked the gold in the heels because it picked up the metallic in the leather jacket…

Janis Joplin Jeans

As I said in the video, I ended up not really liking the first top I made, so in Tim’s words, I “made it work” and created a new halter-top with the left over fabric and the few hours I had left. I’m much happier with the second top and think the more tailored fitted look, worked better with the distressed jacket.

Janis Joplin halter front

Overall I’m pretty happy with the outfit. It’s not really the style I would usually design, but I think it’s a great modern, sexy update for Ms. Janis. I think she would have rocked it!

Janis Joplin halter back

The only thing I’m not totally happy with is the leather jacket. It was MUCH harder to work with than I expected (I’ve never worked with leather before) and I was unable to put in the small gathering details I had originally wanted, though I think it turned out pretty cool anyways.

Janis Joplin halter hem

Sorry about not having a “runway” portion in the video. We were rushing to get the shoot in and could only do it at night. I thought it would be light enough, but I guess not. You could barely see Jodi in the video, so you’ll just have to trust me that she can walk in it!

So trying not to repeat myself too much on these play lists, I decided to go through my iPod alphabetically and listen to anything and everything. The catch was that I would only play the things I couldn’t remember the last time I listen to them. So here it is, the good, the bad and the hard to listen to:

AUF’d Runway: “Iconic Statement” Episode 5 Play list:

1.10cc “Snatch Soundtrack” – Dreadlock Holiday
2.311 “From Chaos” – Amber
3.Aerosmith “Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack” – Angel’s Eye
4.The All-American Rejects “Same Girl, New Songs” – One More Sad Song
5.The All-American Rejects “Same Girl, New Songs” – Your Star
6.The Angels – My Boyfriend’s Back
7.Apollo Four Party “Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack” – Charlie’s Angels 2000
8.Architecture In Helsinki “In Case We Die” – It 5
9.Architecture In Helsinki “In Case We Die” – Frenchy, I’m Faking
10. Aretha Franklin – Respect
11. ARMYN (aka Gerry) “2001 Discohouse Mix”
12. Ash “Shaun of the Dead Soundtrack” – Meltdown
13. Badly Drawn Boy “Have You Fed the Fish” – All Possibilities
14. Badly Drawn Boy “Have You Fed the Fish” – Tickets to What You Need
15. Barenaked Ladies “Maroon” – Falling for the First Time
16. Barenaked Ladies “Everything to Everyone” – Another Postcard
17. Beach Boys – I Get Around
18. Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
19. Beatles – Hold Your Hand
20. Beck “Guero” – Girl
21. Beck “Guero” – Clap Hands
22. Ben Folds Five “Whatever and Ever Amen” – Selfless, Cold, and Composed
23. Ben Folds Five “Whatever and Ever Amen” – Steven’s Last Night in Town


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Very nice Kat, I love the halter, and the jacket is so cool looking!! Great Job!

Awesome, Katy! Really really cool.

  • #2 Max
    19 August, 10:55

Katy, Once again I feel that if you were still in the competition you would have dominated this challenge. The jeans fit perfectly, the braiding on the back of the neck is amazing, and the jacket really makes it look like a Janis Joplin dress. It’s truely gorgeous. You always make my day, even when I’m having a horrible crappy worried irritated day, like today,

Much love and Ramalama,


I absolutely LOVE the whole outfit!! Especially the gold jacket and the braiding on the back of the halter. I wish you could sell your clothes on your website because I’d be one of your first customers. But first, I’m dying to know where you got the wedges from! Please, you have to divulge. I’m addicted to wedges and I love buying them in the summer. Were they comfortable for your model to wear or unbearable? I’m sitting on pins and needles here. I’m a loyal reader of Lucky just for the wedges they may showcase, is that a bad addiction or what? Of course, I admit being 4’ 10” is probably why I’m addicted to wedges. My 10 year old is my height and when I wear wedges at least I look like her mom and not one of her classmates. LOL Thanks in advance for any info on the wedges Kat and I look forward to the day when you might sell some of your clothes on your site.

  • #4 Patty C.
    19 August, 11:25

Cool! The top is pretty much dead on what I would think of, especially the extra touch of the braided thingie in the back, that’s a very Janis touch. The materials help modernize it, especailly the jacket leather. I don’t know that you would have beaten Michaels outfit, but you certainly would have gotten through to the next round.

I think it’s great that you’re talking through the steps you use to create your designs, that’s something I think they don’t focus enough on in the show.

And your cat is adorable. Our cats help us sew/craft too, so I totally understand.


another stunning addition to the runway! i really love the haltar top. isn’t it amazing how the best designs can come out of our biggest mistakes?

i’m so glad that you are continuing on with the challenges. it’s inspiring to see what you come up with!

it just pisses me off more and more that you aren’t there to prove what you can do. GYAH! If you ask me the judging on this whole season is out of wack. its just-wrong-wrong-wrong.
REGARDLESS- your outfit is key on. The Halter with the braided back adds excitement with the addition of the half jacket- which flows perfectly to the tight pants [which i think is a hot trend] to the match of the shoes with the jacket. its really well done.

Im just shocked you didnt listen to janis while making this!

Hi guys! Glad you like it! Sorry it took a bit longer this week to post. It’s just been that kind of week.

Patty C. – The wedges are from a store in Minneapolis (Uptown) called Heartbreakers. I think my model got them for like 10$, but it was a while ago. I’m also looking into selling stuff on my site, so I’ll keep you posted!

Chris – I listened to Janis while I was editing the video!

Well, I don’t know anything about Janis Joplin or her style so I can’t comment on this as an update, but all I can say is that I seriously love this outfit!

  • #9 tipp
    19 August, 15:43

I love the back of that halter top! and the jeans are awesome although did you give any consideration to the jeans having a more well-worn look? They look ‘brand new’’ which takes away from the look for me.

  • #10 Ann
    19 August, 16:42

Katy, I just have to say that I love your videos. They are a great blend of your personality and instructional narrative. And your cat makes such a great supporting actor!

  • #11 Pat
    19 August, 20:13

Kudos, Katy! Those are some seriously lovely pieces!

  • #12 not tellin'
    19 August, 22:11

Hi Kath,

The garments you made in your little auf’d challenges are great.
The videos are really helpfull for me, since I’m starting a fashiondesign study in a few weeks and to be honest, I love fashion, but I don’t know a thing about making it.
So I’m starting from the scratch, but your videos (and project runway too) really give me insight in how the progress of everything goes and it makes me just want to start learning right away.
Do you happen to have any tips on selfstudying, because I’m stuck over that and just don’t know where to start.

Anyway, keep making these great garments and I’ll be looking forward to each new video every week!


First of all, Katherine, your garment? Totally awesome. You easily would’ve been in the top three with that one, and I can definitely see a 2006 Janis wearing that!

Also, you have AWESOME taste in music. Now I have to go load up Ben Folds Five’s Whatever and Ever, Amen album for, like, the bazillionth time. ;)

Thanks so much for keeping us up to date with your work, and for showing us what we’re missing out on with your designs! Best of luck!

  • #14 anniebananie
    20 August, 06:59

If you must know, I am officially and completely bummed out that you are auf’d from the runway. This stuff you’ve been doing post PR is so excellent, and you’ve been showing such a wide range of different styles that you can work in, and such variety in the pieces that you’ve made. Compared to a designer like Uli, who seems to do halter dress after halter dress (even though I admit I do like those halter dresses), it’s a shame that someone who isn’t afraid to tackle jackets, and pants isn’t still around. I’m really so impressed by the adaptability you’ve shown.

This look definitely says modern Janis to me, and I think it would have definitely been in the top three on the runway. The pants are fabulous, and the braiding on the back of the shirt is really different and sexy. Although the print of the shirt is a bit retro, the styling is completely modern, and that combo is just perfect for a modernized Janis. I’d love to see some more close-up shots of the jacket though. Tell Jodi she’s got good taste in fashion icons, and she does Janis proud, the only extra touch she could have used is a bottle of Southern Comfort. ;)

Obviously I can’t speak for The Joplin, but I would totally wear that. It looks like I could yank it off the model and put it on straight from the runway, too! (Well, if I was the right size.)

Certainly better than Bradley’s and Robert’s. Better than Vincent’s. You’re in, but not a contender for top 3. I’m not that familiar with Joplin’s style, but doing an image search I don’t see a great match with your outfit. She was a little more out there, flowy and colorful, and your outfit is more tasteful. Still, it looks very well made, and I think it’s good enough.

  • #17 GL
    20 August, 08:50

Yet another design of yours that I like.

  • #18 Michael
    20 August, 08:55

Great outfit. I love it. I love the stuff you are doing with these outfits.

I think you should get extra points for having the cats as helpers—she said as she typed with her marmalade cat resting on her hand.

  • #19 Debby
    20 August, 10:03

Love the halter top and the pants they turned out really well. I’m not a huge fan of the jacket though, while I like the color and the basic idea it just seems like there is something missing from it. I think it just might be that I’ve never really been a fan of those silly “short” jackets, but who knows.

As per usual your video was very entertaining and well put together. Keep up the good work on that front.

You are so talented and well-rounded, down-to-earth gal. Keep it up! (or don’t.. as you like.) You will always be one of my PR favs.

  • #21 DC
    20 August, 11:00

LOVE the top: the fabric, the cut, the style, everything about it.

  • #22 e
    20 August, 11:55

I love the pants and the top (especially the top)! The jacket isn’t my kind of thing, but I think it definitely works for Janis Joplin. Nice work again!

  • #23 Colleen
    20 August, 15:16

Katy – we would love to see clothes for sale on your site! Keep plugging away, these designs have all been great.

Once again, this is great, Katy. Thanks so much for continuing with the challenges. I’d love to see a Mary Tyler Moore too….

  • #25 Laura K
    20 August, 17:35

Katy- Love the top, the colors, the design. And I like the leather jacket also- tough fabric to work with but you did a great job! I agree with others, you shouldn’t have been eliminated, but life goes on, and you can definitely make it! Keep going for it!

Katie, I think you nailed this look—I remember Janis and I’m convinced that, were it now, this is something she would wear.

Love it! love the top and jacket! I’m still warming up to the tight jeans in general, I know they’re coming back just have to get used to them all over again LoLoL

Also, love the treadmill guys…. First time around I just sat and stared in awe then second time around I was amazed LoL If you liked DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons, read The Descent by Jeff Long. I just finished it and it was very good
Love ya, keep creating ;)

  • #28 Sarah
    23 August, 21:36

I am DYING to know what you thought of the last challenge. I am equally DYING to see what you’ll do for it!

very cute, i would totally wear (and buy) this! even tho i’m not really a rocker chick, i feel like the look is still accessible for those of us who still want an edge.

  • #30 Jo
    25 August, 13:43

First of all, Snatch! I love that movie! Okay, anyway.

I totally missed this post completely. I haven’t been on in a few days. I feel like a bad Katy supporter, hehe. I’ve been watching too much Degrassi >>; I really loved this outfit too though. Had it been in the challenge… I would’ve liked Michael’s and Kayne’s better. Sorry! But I was in love with theirs! Maybe they got the one-up cuz I saw theirs first. Eep, oh well.

The skinny jeans worked VERY well with the top. I love the contrast between the flow-y-ness (is too a word) of the chiffon and the straight cut of the pants. Very nice. The whole thing is very wearable.

Ya know, this blog makes me mourn more and more that you were auf’d. You would’ve done amazingly. Your designs are so fantastic!


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