AUF’d Runway: “Macy’s I.N.C. Challenge (Reap What You Sew)” Episode 4


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Hey Katy—
Love the jacket. Ultra-cool! I’m really impressed that you did all this without a team! Pockets, indeed.

Anyway, for your fashion icon, there was some talk about Siouxsie Sioux on BPR. And on Rucker’s blog, he mentioned that he went to bat for a punk icon (Debbie Harry I think was the name he mentioned) but lost out. Anyway, my vote is for punk.

Sorry to comment twice, but I just checked Rucker’s blog and the other icon he went to bat for was Patti Smith. Which I think would be awesome!

(Also, after -rereading my last comment, I just wanted to make clear that I did not think that Siouxsie Sioux was a punk icon. She’s the Mother-of-All-Goths).

I totally love the shirt and the jacket. It’s something I would love to be able to see in stores. I agree about the pants, it would have been nicer for them to be a little more form fitting.
I can’t wait to see your next design and who your icon will be.

great job on these! i really love the tank and agree that if the pants were a little more fitted and then flared wide, they would also be just perfect. i love how you’re following along with the challenges! having a blog is great, no?

as for a fashion icon, i would have loved to see diane keaton modernized :)

I am in love with that jacket! Great job!

That is a great jacket, I’d totally wear it. I would have loved to have seen Elizabeth Taylor, Jayne Mansfield or Princess Diana modernized.

Now THIS is an outfit I would wear – often. I like this so much better than the one that won.

One tiny little constructive criticism: it would have been great if the pants had been ironed, steamed, or otherwise smoothed out before the picture had been taken!

  • #7 Gina
    9 August, 12:17

Happy Thursday! Now this just made my day, because I thought we wouldn’t get any more Auf’d!
I thought I was going to have to bribe you with pictures of Thimble’s kittens

I like the white jacket concept, because the two top designs both did white shirts underneath, and the idea of a white jacket instead is a good one… as long as it’s not done like Robert’s was. And it couldn’t be further from frumpy! Beyond just the solid concept, this jacket looks IMPECCABLE, the fit looks great, and it looks comfortable. It is so beautiful. I would definately buy this. I can’t even stop looking at it. It looks so crisp and clean, with a lot of clean details (not just pleating, Angela!) and light textures reminiscent of a karate jacket. Was it a stretch cotton? Oh, and thank you for making something that has sleeve openings that don’t constrict the underarms. Since when was sweating profusely fashionable? But I see so many many many jackets and shirts with tiny armholes.

The pants are great and I think they match pretty well, but while they personally are my style, even if you fitted them, I can see Nina having a problem with how they might ‘sloppy’ up the outfit (with skinny jeans currently taking precedence here). That would be one of those moments when I would be lurching forward in my chair, while my husband holds me back and I try to keep from yelling obscenities. I would also be afraid about what she might say about the brooch. Robert Plotkin’s clever brooch got landblasted last season, although blah blah blah fashion… one day your in… the next day you’re out. So, who knows?

The shirt is beautiful too, and sporty, which means versatility. The colors are beautiful and I think Michael Kors would agree. It is a great complement to the pants. I am in love with it. If I had to pick between buying it or the jacket, it would be a tossup.

I would have loved to see this on the runway, and I just love the whole outfit. I LOVE the style and would have bought it if it was at Macy’s. And I would never normally shop at that place, so that’s saying a lot.

As for who your fashion icon should be… I wish I knew! I agree with those who said punk would be the way to go. Someone punk. Yes, that would be fun. Or maybe a sporty fashion icon? The only icons I know are the computer kind. Lame huh?

PS Thank you for feeding my PR addiction :o)

Wow you BOUND all the edges inside of the jacket? I love that as a finish (hello Isaac Mizrahi jackets at Target) but I would assume that lining it would have been so much faster..but thinking of it, maybe a lining could have comprimised how fit the jacket turned out. That’s my favorite piece to the design- it’s extra nice that you made it bright white for Fall- that looks really fresh to me. LOVE that your wide leg is really wide! It’s would be the outfit of choice for all those team leads for SURE. Does the jacket fabric have any stretch? I would love more details on textile content for sure. Great results on the challenge- the palette and silhouette really are winners!

that is super cute. seriously. i can totally see target girls and non-target girls alike wearing something like that.

as for your fashion icon? let’s see…
edie sedgwick
stevie nicks
bridgitte bardot
sophia loren
princess diana

that’s all i can think of for now. i’m not even sure if they fit the bill, but whatevz… :)

  • #10 erin
    9 August, 13:14

i LOVE this outfit. Especially the jacket. I hope you’re selling this somewhere so I can snatch it up. are you??

awesome job. can’t say enough –

i can visualize the pants post alter and i think that would make the outfit look totally superb.

*icon:: i love the suggestion about Diane Keaton.

  • #11 am
    9 August, 13:37

i too vote for kind of a rocking girl fashion icon! i’d be inclined to vote debbie harry, but i think her influence was more in her styling (hair & makeup) than fashion. i think the jacket is beautiful, katherine, i think you really hit it right on the nose especially with the brooch closure, it’s very hip and very flattering. i’m also inclined to agree with you as far as the pants – they would have been a little more effective if they had been more fitted in the hip and waist. i love the fabric choices here.

  • #12 allison
    9 August, 13:56

I absolutely adore the jacket and tank; I would totally wear them since the look is so flattering! As far as the fashion icon goes, I just love Mary Tyler Moore and her style and I think it would be fun to update. Love what you’re doing with the challenges, and good luck!

  • #13 Christine
    9 August, 13:56

Very cute! I do have some issues though…there’s nothing to bring the jacket and the pants together. I love the jacket’s style, but maybe some detailing with the same fabric as the pants (like, say, trim around the edges) to link them. Also, I love baggy pants, but those look a little too oversized to me, especially for Macy’s. I LOVE the tank, although the top part in the front looks a little off, but maybe it’s just the model’s pose?

As for your fashion icon…hmm, I dunno. I can think of lots of people I’d like to see you design for, but I don’t know if any of them would be considered “fashion icons.” How about you do something crazy, like for Bjork? Or someone from longer ago, like Barbara Eden?

Actually, I read on Rucker’s blog that they considered a couple of icons from older time periods, like Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette. That would be pretty interesting, but pretty hard too.

Oh, sorry for the double comment, but I’m with Max on the punk icons idea!

Why not have a few people pick out some icons and have your model choose from amongst them? I think the outfit is very good. You even echoed the art deco design of the Macy’s Herald Square store in the top. Why not fix the pants and let us see how they would work? As to the naysayers—so what if you benefit of hindsight. This is an opportunity to understand who you are as a designer, and it is enjoyable. They need to lighten up.

  • #16 Bruce
    9 August, 16:00

I thought your outfit would have won the challenge hands down. All the other designers used the same color pallete for the most part, and you used different colors, which I liked.

As for an Icon for the next challenge, I liked the Princess Diana route but I was also thinking of Vivian Blaine from Guys and Dolls. Good luck!

Oh, wow! I love that! I would WEAR that one! I don’t like any of Macy’s stuff, mostly – it’s too clean-cut for me – but I really do like this. The material for the pants was great, and I actually like that lack of fit up at the hips. I love wide pants :D They’re so damn comfy. And the tank top looks very comfortable. Yours would definitely have rivaled Angela’s team, I think. I love how it has that same aspect, how you could buy any of the items seperately.

You wouldn’t mind if I attempted to make something similar? Maybe change the color of the jacket (only cuz white looks horrible on a pale English girl, haha!)? Because I love this :D

I have to say something about your playlists, too, to continue my rambling fangirl-ness of you. I found some music by that Architecture in Helsinki band you recommended on the front page (because, hey, I have no problem with her music – why not try them?) and I think I have a new addiction ^^; They sound like a mix between Death Cab for Cutie and Tilly and the Wall – I’m in love with them. I had to attack my mp3 player with it, heh.

May as well make this an essay. But an icon for you? You were planning on a new one, right? Hmm… well, I agree with the punk-ish ones… maybe Pat Benatar or something too. I don’t know too well – most of the fashion icons I DO know were already on Project Runway last night, hehe. I’d love to see something Broadway-related. You could have fun with that.

I have the same problem with my mp3 player. I only have 256mb of room on the one I carry around with me right now (cuz someone stole my bigger one! Rawr.) so I can only fit about 50 songs on it. It drives me nuts!

Anyway, essay over! Sorry for clogging your comment page.

(And you totally will give away my e-mail to that businessman. Only you’ll make it Indonesian so as to not be lying to us! O_O Scandal!)


Hmmm… I liked your Miss USA gown but this one seems a little too young for the challenge (as opposed to Bonnie & Robert’s outfits, which had the opposite problem). It’s like something a fashionable high schooler would wear, not a young professional. I think it’s the pink spaghetti strap shirt. Or maybe it’s the model who looks very young.

For your icon, I second Lady Di.

A suggestion about your process: Why don’t you tape/TiVo the show and stop the tape after you get the details about the challenge? Then you can make your garment “unspoiled”. Sure it’ll be sad to be the only one in the universe who hasn’t seen the show, but at least you won’t have to worry about copying someone else’s design.

  • #19 GL
    9 August, 17:06

Katy, love the outfit. The jacket is awesome and even cooler in person than in the pictures. The details are really what make it! And while I like the pants a lot they do look like they could use a little more “fitting”. Doing this on your own however means you actually get the chance to take some of the criticism here and put it to work.

Hurry up with that video would ya!

Like many other posters, I love the Jacket. It’s just beautifully tailored. And the white is very sleek and femine, and the jeweled clasp is cute and ‘now.’ The sillouette of the pants is great. It shows some your snowboarding-type influence evident from your portfolio, but in an outfit that’s very professional. But they look kinda as if they’d wrinkle easily. Then again, that might be an interesting, cool contrast to the crisp jacket.

My initial thought about the tank is that knit is too casual for the office and too ‘gym wear’ for a night on the town. I think your styling, and the cut of the fabric really made it work, but I’m not entirely sold on the fabric. Although it does look incredibly comfortable!

As for a fashion icon, I have no idea. But I do think you should take advantage of the freedom you have and chose someone that might not be a traditional fashion icon. It seems more you.

  • #21 Jannah
    9 August, 17:43

My brother (who someday aspires to be a designer) has been doing the challenges as well, and we’ve been doing what someone suggested above. We’ll watch the first five minutes of the episode, with all of the information, and then he’ll go off on his merry little way to do the challege. It keeps him a week behind, but he doesn’t get any help from the other designers, whice means that he doesn’t end up unconsiously editing their ideas into his outfits.

  • #22 Amber
    9 August, 17:53

Hi, Katherine – I love this outfit, very nice, and agree that just a few additional details would have made it perfect. I’m really enjoying the work you’re doing on the challenges, so keep going :) I second the 60s movie goddess icon suggestions and add Catherine Deneuve to the list – she’d be great.

I like your design. My only critique, which is a big thing for me since I wear this style to work every day, is that the closure on the jacket makes a woman’s stomach look bigger the way it opens. Usually, a jacket being left completely open or closed low (like 2 out of 3 buttons) seems to be the best option to give an illusion of a slim figure.

Katy, I LOVE the tank top. I agree that with Jannah that it might be too casual, but I would be the first in line to buy one if you ever decide to make more, hint hint.

What about Tina Turner for your icon? Tina’s got a very distinctive style (though mostly due to her legs)—I think it’d be fun to update her.

  • #25 Katt
    9 August, 18:53

Ah, it’s fun thinking of other icons you could do. How about…
Slim Keith
Freda Kahlo
Ava Gardner
Greta Garbo
The Gibson girl

Louise Brooks
Amelia Earhart
Mary Quant Diane Keaton
John Travolta (in that white disco dancing suit!)
Annette Funicello
Rosie the Riveter (who SAYS she wasn’t a fashion icon??)
  • #26 constance
    9 August, 19:45

wide legged trousers (superwide) are back for fall… check out marc jacobs’ fall ‘06 runway show. so i think nina would have approved.

ps we could totally share record collections. theres a ton of overlap goin’ on.

Love love love that jacket! I think you would’ve been a real contender on the show with this design. I’‘ve been racking my brain for icons all day… I don’t think I could top Debbie Harry and Mary Tyler Moore (I think you could ROCK Mary!), but some that came to mind were Nico, Molly Ringwald, and Billie Dove. And would Chanel be out of line? I know the show focused more on starlets than designers, but Chanel actually wore her own work, and wore it well! Thanks for doing this… its a lot more fun being able to interact with the challengesm, and its nice to see the work minus the petty drama. Can’t wait for what’s next!

  • #28 Jeanette
    9 August, 21:57

wow. I really love your outfit! I think the pants would have looked better if you’d been able to get them more fitted, but other than that I think it’s great. I love the jacket. I wish I had something like that to wear.

  • #29 Meg
    9 August, 23:26


Beautiful!! I love all the details (shape in the tank, brooch, etc) and if this were at Macy’s I’d buy it in a second. :)

Since my son’s doing this same thing (except only on paper) I had to think up an icon for him, and I picked the 1980’s Cyndi Lauper (not sure if she qualifies as an “icon” but she definately had her own style!) So that’s my suggestion. I’d also say David Bowie, but this is just supposed to be womenswear right? :)

omg Katy! Can you send me that outfit? I want it for myself! Great work!

  • #32 Christine
    10 August, 07:43

Wow, I love that jacket!! Great look altogether, and something real people could wear.
Hmm, icons….
I vote for Deborah Harry or Mary Tyler Moore

  • #33 Kristen
    10 August, 07:45

Hi Katy,
I love the jacket, the fit, the darts and the curved topstitching are great. I also like the different color borders on the tank top which make it stand out from being just another tank top. Maybe slightly wider staps so that you can wear a bra will keep it from looking too casual.
I love the idea of mens style plaid trousers, kind of vintage style. But I’m not a fan of super wide legs. Maybe a cuff on the bottom would make the legs hang better? Over all I think the outfit is very good.
Fashion icons? How about Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, how about an updated look for Lucy?

Love the outfit. I want those pants!

First off – you have GREAT taste in music. Second – why not record each episode and just watch enough to get a clear idea of the challenge and then wait to watch the remainder of the show? That way you will be approaching each challenge fresh and if you happen to have the same idea as someone else it doesn’t matter because you still came up with it on your own!

Fashion icon suggestions… I think it should be someone that a large portion of the general public would have some familiarity with (i.e. I love Ava Gardener but a lot of people have no idea what she wore) I think you should put names in a hat and pick one so you have to do it semi-at-random. I think the best suggestions – in that they each had / have a look that is consistent and iconic – so far have been:

Debbie Harry
Diane Keaton
Mary Tyler Moore
Lady Di
Tina Turner

...and my suggestion is Sandra Dee.

love it! i think that maybe the tank looks a wee bit sloppy, but that is a boob support issue, rather than a construction one.

for fashion icons, my mom was annoyed that grace kelly wasn’t on the show. i think it’s also hard to have icons that are still living, because their look has already been updated. so what about donna reed or the mom from leave it to beaver?

  • #36 heather
    10 August, 08:41

Love love love the outfit! It’s totally something I would wear!

Great job Katy!

I love this outfit….and no, it is not too young and casual. Thats what people our age like to wear. You can be sporty, casual and comfortable without looking sloppy.

I love Debby Harry for your fashion icon. Mary Tyler Moore would be interesting too. Kinda hometown too…......Say if Mary Richards was on Nicollet Mall in 2006 not 1976.

  • #38 Michael
    10 August, 08:48

I love what you’re doing here! For the next challenge, I’m going to second Diane Keaton, Lady Di and Tina Turner, and also suggest. . .

Diahann Carroll
Rita Moreno
Doris Day

  • #39 e
    10 August, 08:52

I really love the idea of the pants – but agree with you that something is missing in the execution. Frankly, I think wide-legged pants are the absolute best line for some body shapes – especially when paired with something nicely fitted, as you have done.

I love the jacket – but personally wouldn’t wear one with such short sleeves. Also white isn’t really my color. I think the designers all did versions of black/white because that is what was in the portfolio (if you catch glimpses of the pics – they are all black and white). And I think that is why Bonnie said she was so confused – Mehmet’s description of the customer was very discordant with the actual pictures.

For icons, I would suggest:

Stevie Nicks – I think this would be super fun to update
Catherine DeNeuve (think Belle du Jour)
I love the idea of Cyndi Lauper -but am not sure how her 80s looks differ from the quintessential 80s Madonna look

the outfit rocks! I think you should totally have Janis Joplin as your icon. She’s not your typical fashion icon, but she totally shaped an era… or maybe i’m just a hippy? :)

  • #41 anne
    10 August, 09:00

I love that jacket! The details of the stitching and seams are fantastic. However, I do think that the look is a little young for INC (like some others have said). It might fit in with something in the Juniors section of Macy’s but not for INC. But I would totally wear it! It’s adorable.

  • #42 Miss T
    10 August, 09:07

Great job! I love that you are doing this. As for an icon, I’m going to suggest Jane Birkin, Jane Fonda or Goldie Hawn. They seem like they would be your customers anyway. Good luck!

  • #43 Alix
    10 August, 09:09

OH MAN. I love those pants, they look great. The entire outfit is really cute. Definitely looks like Urban Outfitters over INC, but I prefer UO anyway. I definitely think that your model should choose the icon, but if she needs some ideas I’d throw in Chrissie Hynde.

Katherine! What a WONDERFUL piece you’ve made! I’m just really in love with the look of it. I love the pants, love the halter top and love the white jacket. Not too crazy about the big clasp in the front, but the whole look is fantastic. Congratulations to you!

As for your celebrity? That’s a really tough one. I would say that you should find the icon that most inspires you and then make her over. Everyone in the icon challenge got someone who was representative of their look. Who is your look?

Great video this week. I think a welt pocket tutorial would be really helpful. I avoid those at all costs, it would be nice to alleviate the fear. Well done in getting those pockets in, in a flash!

Earlier this week I couldn’t think of any fashion icons, but Rosie the Riveter popped into my head, although I quickly dismissed it. But Constance is right, she is a fashion icon and she would rock an updated look!

And I really liked the Lucy idea!
Keep on sewing. It looks like you could sell those jackets easily. Ever tried Etsy ?

I’ve got an idea…how about having your model/cousin pick the icon for you, since that’s what happened on the show?

Fab outfit – I’m really enjoying following your work!

I love what you’ve done with this challenge! The jacket and the top are both fabulous (and I like the pants, but probably could never pull them off , personally).

For the next challenge (fashion icon), you could always put all the names into a hat and draw one out – that would be pretty random!

Seriously, if you can make one of these for me, I will SOOOO buy it. This is totally my style, and (maybe I’m flattering myself here), but I think I fit soundly within the demographic that they were shooting for. I really didn’t like the one that won—I wouldn’t wear that short of a jacket, but this—I cannot say this enough—I adore. Do you want my address so you can send it to me (please note that I’m only half-way joking)?

  • #49 Morgan
    10 August, 11:04

I LOVE the pants you’ve made. I would give anything to buy a pair of those, they’re gorgeous!! (hint, hint… ) :^) MUCH better out fit than Angela’s, hands down!

I really love this outfit! I think it isn’t too young at all.
The jacket is fabulous. I like the pants except for the pocket flaps. Since the jacket hits right above them they stick out a little.

I love that you are taking on these challenges. What I love most about PR is seeing the different ways each designer faces the challenges. As the designers get Auf’d, we don’t get to see as much variety.

  • #51 lisa
    10 August, 11:14

Great job! The outfit looks great, wearbale, fresh. I love that you are doing the challenges—way to show ‘em what you’re really made of. Plus, as a native Minneapolitan, I must just say that I am proud of your success!

My icon suggestions:

Jean Seberg
Faye Dunaway

  • #52 Alexis
    10 August, 12:19

Great outfit and great video – I hope you do put together that tutorial on welt pockets, especially if it covers both single and double welts! I also really appreciate the finish on the jacket – finishes are a big deal to me and everything I sew is finished appropriately to the garment and fabric.

No ideas on the fashion icons better than the ones you’ve already received – looking forward to seeing what you do with them!

  • #53 TropicalChrome
    10 August, 12:34

I am sooo in love with that tank top. The colors are perfectly matched and I adore the angles on the top. The pants are great, but I would like them much better tailored, like you said. Plaid is underused, though, I’m happy about that part.

As for fashion icons, I don’t know. I’m only fourteen, so my idea of fashion icons are, like… Alicia Silverstone. I would love it if you modernized a jazz singer from the twenties, though, like Bessie Smith. You could do something really cool with that.


Ha! Target Girls! That’s totally what I call them as they pour off the buses on Nicollet with their huge purses and gym bags. It always amazes me how put together they are at 7:20 in the middle of winter in Minneapolis. Good call for naming your client.

I love tight tanks and baggy trousers, so this is the outfit I would have choosen for the win. And I like that the jacket isn’t so formal – it has a really nice young and fresh look to it and I love that you had the idea of being just as comfortable and stylish at happy hour as you are at work with the outfit.

  • #55 Sarah
    10 August, 13:52

Nicely done! I adore the jacket beyond anything else! The pants are nice, but I don’t much like the fit. In the third picture, they look to pajama bottom-ish for my taste. The tank is cute and I like the colors. The jacket still remains my favorite piece, though.

Suggestions for the icon challenge:

Cyndi lauper
Sophia Loren
Clara Bow
Dorthy Parker
Grace Kelly
Hedy Lamarr
Bette Davis
Joan Crawford
Ava Gardner
Elizabether Taylor
Ella Fitzgerlad
Evelyn Nesbit
Tina Turner
Princess Diana
Rita Hayworth

  • #56 Colleen
    10 August, 14:45

I thought of another icon. Joan Collins. She can’t very well be running Denver Carrington in those 80’s suits.

  • #57 Michael
    10 August, 14:56

That jacket is amazing. I love the collar, though I have to say I think I might like it better without the pockets. It could create a cleaner line.

I also really like your choice of fabric for the pant, though I’m generally averse to the wide leg. A cropped pant with cuffs would look amazing in that.

The tank doesn’t do much for me, but I’m not really a pink person. I’m sure others would really enjoy it.

All around, great job!

  • #58 Andrea
    10 August, 15:48

I love all three pieces. The tank is awesome!

I am going to suggest some sporty icons for your model to choose from: Jackie Joyner (for some reason I think I have her name wrong, but I hope you know who I am talking about), Chris Evert, Mia Hamm.

  • #59 Terry
    10 August, 16:09

I love your work Katie! The tank and the jacket are absolutely fabulous. (the brooch closure is such a feminine touch! So clever!) I definitely think they would have beat out Angela’s outfit anyday. Strong contenders for sure.

As for the pants, just a little constructive criticism. Perhaps hemming them just a little higher? Or put in a cuff at the bottom? (So they can show off the shoe underneath just a bit) Something about the way they are all the way down to the floor doesn’t seem fitting. Like I’m getting more of a skateboarder vibe from the pant more than business attire. Something about the pin tucking up top and the long length at the bottom is reading a bit “drawstring”-ish to me. Just my $.02 though.

As for an icon, I agree with the others, modernizing one of Princess Diana’s circa 1985 prim and proper power suit looks sounds challenging. (prior to when she modernized herself in the early 90’s and went all Versace & Dior-ified with the slicked back hair)

  • #60 mike
    10 August, 19:15

Ahhh, you’re so cute when you dance! The video turned out good again this time nicely done. I’m impressed with your ability to keep it so interesting despite not having anyone to talk to or any real source of drama. Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see what you come up with next time.

First of all- I love this outfit. I would love to wear it. I also love the shoes that you paired it with- nice. The only thing that I don’t like about it is the fit of the tank top in front. Something about the way the tank top is cut makes your models breasts look low-slung and pointy. I think it might be the angles around the neck line. The angles look great in back, but if you were going to sell this, you might want to think about softening up the front- but maybe that’s just me. I love the colors. I also agree that you should have ironed the pants before you took the picture. This blog is a great idea- I’m glad I found it! If you haven’t picked your style icon yet, may I suggest Bjork or Ani DiFranco?

  • #62 kate
    10 August, 22:42

Katherine! I love your designs,
but I think I love your taste in music even more.

I hope you post more of these.
You’re fun to watch.

ps. my cat bites me when I’m working too. :/

I must say that I loved this concept. The tank is exceptional, and the jacket quite smart. The pants, while an integral part of the outfit are not perfect. You covered some of the minor fitting and preessing issues, but I have three corrections to offer. The hem width is too wide; allow no more than 1.5 inches; your hem looks to be at least 3 maybe 4 inches and the weight is pulling on the stitching. I would make them about 1/2 to 1 inch shorterand pressed – dirty dragging hems. And most importantly, your plaids must match! Anything else is sloppy construction. Judging from the repeat you may have only needed 1/4 to 1/3 yd more fabricand only about 15 mins more time.

How about Courtney Love as a possible icon for the mix? I guess she’s already redone herself kinda, but you could use her 90s look as a starting place.

Can’t wait to see!!!

  • #65 Amy
    11 August, 08:40

Wow, I love, love, love the little jacket and tank combo. Very cute, very hip, very modern, very wearable and very you! I think the judges would have been very impressed with this. I love the lightness of it too, I liked Angela’s outfit, but found it a bit too dark and constricting looking. Maybe if I were a size zero I could wear that one, but yours I would definitely wear to the office. As you mentioned the pants are baggy, but that could easily be remedied with more fitting time.

If you’re having issues with worrying about the influence of the episode, why not just watch it up to the point where the project is given to the designers, then wait until after you’ve finished your design to watch the rest of the episode? Or is it just too hard to NOT watch? :)

As for your fashion icon, hmmm… I’m sadly drawing a blank! I’m sure others will have good suggestions though.

Love the jacket! I think it’s one of those pieces that I’d wear alot if I had it in my closet.

Love your taste in music too. I’m a huge Weezer fan and I was just listening to Bright Eyes this morning.

  • #67 Steph
    11 August, 13:09

Love the jacket and tank top. I think that would have blown them away on PR. I like the pants. I don’t think the fit is bad; sure, it’s a bit loose, but they look like they’re actually wearable all day at a desk. The only thing I think might be a problem is the bottom—the hem looks like it’s too big or something so the legs don’t hang neatly. Maybe, as a few others have said, if they were just a tiny bit shorter, that would take care of the drape. I have to say that I totally love the colors you picked. Pitch it to Macy’s!

  • #68 Mary
    11 August, 16:52

Just a suggestion on the icon, perhaps choose one that was done, but not monderized appropriately: Cher, Jackie Kennedy, Twiggy.

BTW, I absolutely adore the whole outfit.

  • #69 Ann
    11 August, 22:40

I love that outfit! It’s sooo well done, and so wearable. If I could do something like that in a couple of days, I’d be giddy all the time.
Lots of great icons are already listed…I like Jean Seberg, Catherine Deneuve, and Nico, although I think the David Bowie suggestion is genius :) I’m excited to see what you do next. Have fun!

i love your outfit! definitely wearable. i think it would have been a contender. :) as for fashion icons to select from, here are a few ideas—jean harlow, bianca jagger, edie sedgewick, and … well … okay, i’ll just say it: janis joplin. i’d love to see you update a hippie chick. :D

  • #71 kim
    12 August, 14:07

I really like the color scheme in this outfit…very nice! I’m rather partial to a good wide-legged pant. One of my most treasured pieces of clothing is a pair of black wide-legged pants by Chanel.
That tank is so cute…want one!

Fashion icon suggestions:
Debbie Harry
Sophia Loren
Grace Kelly
Josephine Baker
Anita Eckberg
Mary Tyler Moore

  • #72 Donna
    12 August, 16:35

love that tank! cute! cute!

Ooh Mary Tyler Moore Mary Tyler Moore!! I didn’t think of that when I commented, but..yea, do that! haha.

By the way, I absolutely looooooove the video I think it’s uber cute and uber funny. Because you didn’t sketch for this one, was it harder to kind of “go with it” or was it easier to just be free-er in your design?

Hey Katherine-
I was sorry to see you Auf’d. I love that you’re following along with the challenges. I thought this outfit was totally cute and would buy it in a hearbeat over Angela’s- its much more flattering to my figure.

  • #75 Anita
    12 August, 20:31

BTW- Katy- how about Mary Tyler Moore for your icon?

  • #76 Anita
    12 August, 20:50

That is a truly versatile outfit. I, personally, could see myself wearing it – and I can’t say the same thing about many of those dark, stuffy suits that were made on the show. Great job!

  • #77 lynbird
    12 August, 23:03

I would love to see you do someone like Siouxsie Sioux! Or is there someone plus-sized who would qualify as an “icon”? Maybe…. Mae West!

You are a fantastic designer, and are much missed. You as well as your designs were highly enjoyable “eye candy” while you were on, and I’m glad you’re blogging your experience post-show!

The Jacket is abFab but the pants? I agree they should have been steamed or ironed before your final pictures. The outfit looks great when she is sitting down, the color combinations are really good but the pants! I think they were just a little too long, I like long pants but these were a bit too long or your model needed higher shoes.

I especially did not like the pocket flaps on her hips, they just did not belong there. But the jacket was great!

I honestly think this outfit is better than any done by the designers on the show. I absolutley adore the jacket, the tank is really cute, and the style and fabric of the pants go so well with the outfit! I also really liked the dress you did for the puppy challenge. Yes, it was simple, as the judges complained, but I don’t think that simplicity detracted any from the sheer cuteness of it! I thought it was very wearable and classic – exactly the type of dress I would buy for myself.

  • #80 Juls
    13 August, 23:41

Hi Katy!
I wanted to let you know I loved your green dress also. I loved the colors you chose and the simplicity of the dress, but I also thought the way you combined colors on the top gave it alot of punch. It’s hard to be able to judge the construction from what is shown on TV. We can only see the details the producers decide to point out.
I like your white jacket here, and the top underneath. But I agree with those who recommend pressing of the pants before showing it. The unpressed hem was the first thing I noticed in the first picture. It distracted me from looking at the other features of the pants. I liked the pintucks at the top. One other criticism, perhaps it’s old fashioned, but I was taught matching the plaids at the seams indicates quality merchandise. Katy- don’t worry about being influenced by seeing the show, go with your gut! It appears that you have great instincts. Remember how many tried out to get on the show and did not make it!

Didn’t get to comment from the Miss Universe dress yet…INCREDIBLE. Agree with the many sleeve comments but this was an elegant, win-able design that might have won if wonderful Kayne didn’t know so much about pagent contestant MINDS (I did love his dress in all honesty.)
This week’s outfit, though, simply knocked my socks off. Kudos to you for doing all this work (and when I think of each week’s budget, ACK how are you affording this?!!) and kudos to you for having the balls to put yourself out there for the world to comment on. You are an awesome person-designer-humble talent.

  • #82 Cindy
    14 August, 21:40

that outfit is adorable. i love it. i like how the pants are big.

Okay so it’s official…you are adorable! If I were skinnier, I’d wear that outfit, but the jacket is a little too fitted to work for me. I love the pants, and the tank top is dressy, but looks like I could wear it to dance rehursal as well! I love it!!!
As for the next challenge, Princess Grace has some wonderful ensambles, I like this one best>
or Princess Di>
Hope that helps!!

Hi Kat! I just found your Blog web surfing as a Project Runway fan who felt you left before your time. I love how you’re doing the challenges on your website and think that’s very cool and will be checking to see your work. I would buy your outfit over Angela’s any day of the week and I usually hate wide pants. When you asked for suggestions for icons, the first one that popped into my mind for some reason was Iman. A truly gorgeous woman who shines no matter what she wears. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that woman on a Worst Dressed List. Another one of my personal favorites would be Uma Thurman or Mila Jovanovich (sp?). I know they’re not icons, but they’ve been around since the 80’s and if they can include Madonna, then I can include Uma and Mila. LOL

  • #85 Patty C.
    18 August, 12:46

Great concept and I loved the end result. Excellent job… especially that amazing jacket. :D

  • #86 Jesse
    18 August, 20:15

Adorable, really. I like your jacket so much better than any of the other ones that went down that runway- yours is the ONLY one where I would actually wear all three pieces at the same time.
As for fashion icons, I do like the thought of Stevie Nicks, as someone mentioned, and Debbie Harry too, just because they’re both so different from what was on the show. But I know you’ll do well with whoever you choose!

  • #87 Nikki
    19 August, 16:51

Wow! I really wish we’d seen more of your stuff on the show. I’d take simple over trashy and incoherent any day. I totally want that jacket! The topstitching is beautiful and the waistband and darts make it nice and slimming. Just wondering (from a fellow Minneapolitan who sews) where do your get fabric? Is there some awesome place downtown I don’t know about? I go to school in NYC and the big chain stores here just aren’t the same.

  • #88 Samantha
    22 August, 08:33

This is fantastic! If this is being sold somewhere, I’d definitely love to buy it!

  • #89 Alex
    28 August, 10:50

I’m not too wild about the pant fabric, but besides that very minor detail, I am in love with this look. Pretty much any woman could wear it, which is not true of the ones on the show. It’s chic and you can mix and match it, and it would’ve possibly been a contender for the win.

  • #90 Michael
    28 October, 12:38


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