AUF’d Runway: “Fit for a Queen”

I’m sorry to say, we are experiencing technical difficulties with the movie I made for this week’s AUF’d runway (please give me a break…it’s my first time!). We should have the video up and running ASAP. In the mean time you can read my journal about the challenge and look at the pretty pictures!

To start off for those of you who don’t know… after being “auf’d” last week on Project Runway, I’ve decided to play along and try each challenge on my own. I’m going to follow the same guidelines for each challenge including time, money and anything else they might throw at the designers.

To start this week, I took the 2nd episode “Fit for a Queen” and made the dress that I presented to Tara. She had asked for a design that would elongate her short frame, preferably in earth tones and above all wanted a design that would showcase Tara herself, rather than the design being the first thing you noticed.

In order to fit the criteria, I decided to keep the front of her dress very long and clean without too much volume, which can shorten the look. In the back is where all the interest and fun would be with a long, 2 color ruffled train. I really like designs that can appear simple at first and then as you turn around there is some fantastic detail or action going on in the back (very much like Roberts dress on the first challenge, with the red bows in back). I wanted the dress to be green, because I think Tara’s coloring would work well with a green dress, but it had to be the right green. I didn’t want a granny smith apple color or anything to dark or blue. I ended up finding this beautiful mossy green satin with a gold/khaki undertone that almost appears as a neutral. For the second color in the train, I found a golden cream satin that worked perfectly with the vintage lace I wanted to use as well as the mossy green fabric.

Fit for a Queen Dress

I have found one thing while doing this… it is A LOT harder to follow the time guidelines when you’re at home. When you’re on the show, you are literally sewing from 8am to midnight most days. That’s a decent amount of time when you realize that you don’t have things to distract you. Yes…there are other factors to deal with like crappy machines, crappy designers and crappy stress…trust me, I know, but what you don’t have are things like email, myspace, cell phones, TV, music, cats, boyfriends, mothers, etc… you get the point.

Fit for a Queen Dress

Anyways… in the end I liked the design I created. I think it is interesting without being overwhelming and “pageanty” with out being a razzle-dazzle-be-dazzled “pageant” gown. Things I would change: I’m not sure how much I’m liking the lace sleeves. They’re not bad, but not exactly what I was thinking of. I’d also probably shorten and lighten the train just a bit. That’s the one area that I would have liked to have more time to work on, maybe direct the shape and “ruffles” a bit more. But overall I liked how it turned out!

Fit for a Queen Dress

Fit for a Queen Dress

Thanks to Aurora for being a fantastic model (as always!)

Check it out next week when I take on the I.N.C. challenge… Alison and Jeffery did a good job without a leader… can I pull it off being the team leader AND the 2 teammates? We’ll see!

Oh yeah…and for anyone interested, I decided to keep track of the music I listen to during each challenge and create a playlist for each episode. I don’t know why, it just sounded fun.

AUF’d Runway: “Fit for a Queen” Episode 2 Playlist:

1.Olympic Hopefuls “The Fuses Refuse to Burn” – Holiday
2.Olympic Hopefuls “The Fuses Refuse to Burn” – Motobike
3.Oasis “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory” – Don’t Look Back in Anger
4.Oasis “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory” – She’s Electric
5.Nova Menco “Gypsy Fusion” – Mediterranean Breeze
6.Nova Menco “Gypsy Fusion” – Alba
7.The Polyphonic Spree “Together We’re Heavy” – Hold Me Now
8.The Polyphonic Spree “Together We’re Heavy” – One Man Show
9.Radiohead “OK Computer” – Paranoid Android
10. Radiohead “OK Computer” – Exit Music (For a Film)
11. Radiohead “Kid A” – Idioteque
12. Radiohead “Kid A” – Morning Bell
13. Gorillaz “Gorillaz” – Re-Hash
14. Gorillaz “Gorillaz” – Punk
15. Hall & Oates “Greatest Hits” – Private Eyes
16. Hall & Oates “Greatest Hits” – Maneater
17. Queen “Greatest Hits” – Don’t Stop Me Now
18. Queen “Greatest Hits” – Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
19. Seu Jorge “The Life Aquatic Soundtrack” – Starman
20. Mark Mothersbaugh “The Life Aquatic Soundtrack” – Ping Island
21. The Zombies “The Life Aquatic Soundtrack” – The Way I Feel Inside


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I actually was on here a couple hours ago when you had the video up, and left a comment then… now both post and comment are gone… I liked the video.

anyway, gorgeous dress, auf’d too soon, great taste in music etc…

Thanks Charli! Glad you liked the video…it wasn’t working quite right so we’re still fixing that, but thanks for watching! Sorry about your comment being gone… :(

Your dress is very beautiful and a lovely shade of green.

  • #3 Jeanne
    2 August, 00:01

I love this dress! It’s absolutely gorgeous… green & khaki has always been a favorite color combo of mine.

Anyways! Looking through your portfolio, I would love to see more menswear from you. I would buy all of it. I live in Minnesota pretty close to the cities and seeing your clothes in more local shops would be awesome!

  • #4 Micah
    2 August, 00:40

I love the colors, particularly the shade of green and the way the it works with the cream. I think your color scheme works the same way Kayne’s did; it works as a neutral with the undertone, but the color still pops, rather than fading into the background as neutrals can do.

As for the sleaves, I think that sort of lace would work better on shorter sleaves. I know your contronstruction skills are excellent, and there’s no actual danger, but I look at that and find myself worrying if the weight of the dress is going to rip that lovely lace. And I really like the back, but I think it would really elongate the back (and thus someone built like Tara) if there was a way to attach the sleaves in the back so there’s one line from the train up each shoulder. I don’t know if that’s even possible, but I think it would make the sleaves work better.

The train is my favorite part. I think every girl at some point wants a princess dress with a train, and this one fulfills that fantasy, but makes it sophisticated and fashionable. And the two-tone colors in the train make the detail there stand out.

I wish you’d post a standing pic of the front of the dress. It looks like there’s some gathering or pleating at the bodice, but the torso is supposed to lie smooth, but it’s hard to tell in the lounging picture. Still, really pretty.

Overall, great dress. It would have been really cool to see it on the Runway. Ignore the criticisms if you like; you’re the one with the fashion degree. And I can’t wait to see what you do next week!

  • #5 Jannah
    2 August, 00:55

comment was basically as follows:

I’m very impressed not only by your designs, but also the humility you seem to possess. Season three seems to be playing really heavily into drama and conflict and less on design and good humor. I’m sad that they seemingly auf’d you for lack of’ ‘sellable character’ when in my opinion, you could have really helped to maintain the level of dignity the show used to hold (but who know’s the season could shape up)

that’s my official 2 cents.

And also, Architecture in Helsinki is wonderous. Kudos to delicious music and tasty design.

Very nice dress; I like it a LOT. Yeah, I agree the sleeve/straps aren’t quite right; they seem just a little light for the rest of the dress. I’d love it with the cream-colored satin for the straps, though! That’d tie in the top and bottom. That bustline would’ve looked good on Tara, too. And I love the train; how long does it trail behind her?

  • #7 Robbie
    2 August, 02:33

What a beautiful dress! And your video was great, I love the explaination of the process. I think a lot of people like Project Runway because it shows a little glimpse into how clothes are made, which is a complete mystery to many people. You even go a little further to chip away at it. The dress turned out fabulously! I think Tara might have had a tough choice between it and Kayne’s dress.
BTW, love the hair :o)

And I like how you have the soundtrack too! I can just picture the LIfe Aquatic Soundtrack playing as you sew!

I was sorry to see you go last week. I thought your dress was very nice and I loved the hoodie for the dog. I also think you did a really lovely job on the pageant dress. Great colors. I heard you on Cities 97 this morning. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  • #9 Patti
    2 August, 07:19

Thanks for all your great comments! I love hearing the feedback (positive AND constructive).

Jannah – I’ve added another photo of the front to show how it fits! Thanks for the feedback… I do agree about the sleeves and the train was heavy, but not too bad and well held on!

Micah – I would love to start making guys clothes, is just a harder business to jump into, but I’ll keep you posted if I ever do…

Robbie – The train is about a foot – foot & half on the floor behind her.

Charli – I do agree about the drama and think that a lot of the viewers are smart enough at this point to determine for themselves what is based on design vs. drama. I personally believe at this point in reality TV, it’s almost more interesting to watch the stuff normal people do, rather than all the drama… just my opinion…guess that’s why I’m not a TV producer!

First off, I think the green is a lovely departure from the browns; it’s almost as if people forgot that green is “earthy.” I love the train and the cascading effect. I like the idea of the lace…perhaps adding a little bit in/around the train would have made it flow a bit better?
The only other criticism I have is the bodice-front. I love the detail/interest in it, but the bodice seemed a bit small/short. That is, it looked like she almost was spilling underneath the bust seam. I suppose being a relatively busty girl myself, it’s something I look at in a dress. :-D (And I had that problem with the last dress I made…doh)
Overall great job. I wish it had been one of the choices!

Wow Katherine! That’s beautiful. Tara would have looked great in that dress.

It was fascinating to watch you draft the patterns – they never really show that on PR and I always wanted them to! So thank you so much for putting that in your video. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the INC challenge. :)

Awesome! I really love that you’re doing this, I’ve always wondered what certain contestants would have done on Project Runway, had they not been auf’d and now I’m getting to see! It’s a nice treat. I really like how the dress turned out, the back was really dramatic and eye-catching, and it’s great getting to see more of the construction phase. For a girl who doesn’t do formal dresses, you sure did an excellent job chanelling “pageant”! :) Keep up the good work, and have fun!

OK, when I heard you left I was on vacation in Maine, so I was storming around my aunt’s house muffling obsceneties at random objects, saying “F***, it must’ve been the dog’s fault, f***ing Telulah.” haha, I’m kidding. But the dress you made for the Miss Universe challenge was Incredible. I agree with your comment on the Lace sleeves, but I think if they would have been any other fabric, it would have looked strange. I Actually loved your dress from the dog challenge too, which was weird. I thought you were in the top three, but oh well. I hope you do good on your next challenge, what can I say, I’m a Gerdes Fan.

Hey, Katherine! I’m just a random PR viewer, and I was devastated when you got kicked off. I thought the dress was amazing—the bodice was pretty without being too girly, you know? Utter perfection.

I think it’s awesome that you’re following the challenges on your own, and I love your take on the pageant dress (though I agree the lace straps are a bit iffy. They don’t quite flow with the rest of the dress, I think.)

Anyways, I just wanted to express my undying devotion to your aesthetic. ;-D Please keep us all updated about whether/when/where we can buy your stuff? Please?

In any case, best of luck!—meg
Northampton, MA

  • #15 Meg
    2 August, 09:22

HEY! My wife and I had Queen’s “Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy” play in our wedding. It was the song we walked back to at the end. Good choice for a playlist.

Also, the dress looks awesome, very nice!

  • #16 Tim
    2 August, 09:58

Katy, that dress is really beautiful. I’m impressed. I knew I liked your work, but it was really interesting to see something that didn’t get to happen on the show end up coming to fruition later. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for these posts.

i think that it’s a great idea to follow along and try each of the challenges for yourself! what a fantastic way to keep your creativity level high!

i love the vintage lace straps on this and the choice of colors.

(and your video editing is just fine! keep it up!)

Hey babe, your video looks great, as does the dress. As per usual it’s always fun to see you carry things through from inception to completion, even if I don’t understand most of what you’re doing.

I’m going to agree with what a few other people have said about the straps. I like the concept, but they feel like they’re lacking something. I think whoever it was that said they felt the back of the dress where the straps meet the “uhhm” body needed work was right on.

The train is fantastic and I really like the way it flows and the use of the cream colored fabric.

Keep up the good work, and I promise we’ll have all the encoding kinks worked out by next time.

Katy, i completely adore you work! Watching Runway, you were never given the chance to show who you were, and now, in just reading up on you and watching your video and from your play list – I love you even MORE!

WHat a delight you are! Please keep updating you Auf’ed challenges! I’m looking forward to watching for you’re every wed now!
  • #20 Alisa Marie
    2 August, 12:35

this is fantastic. i’m actually looking to wear something like this at my wedding…. ;)

I love the shaped bust seaming! I haven’t watched the video yet, but I assume you draped it? Where’d you find your satin, at SR Harris? The lace is such a nicer choice for the straps than plain satin, and yet the dress doesn’t have that “lingerie inspired” issue that lace and satin sometimes have.

I was so sorry to see you get the boot last week—I was rooting for you since the first preview episode aired. The dress is lovely—I love the gathering in the back, and that color of green is definitely one of my favorites (ok, so just about every shade of green is, but still). The cream constrast is stunning as well.

I am impressed, I love people who take their craft seriously and want to continue to learn and grow. As a drama teacher and director, I always try to challenge my classes and casts to look at their work and ask “what if I….” With this personal challenge you have done just that. Making it public not only gives you feedback on your work but, now that you have people waiting to see what you have designed, it increases your commitment.
I was very disappointed when you left last week and secretly hoped that they might bring you back to replace Keith. But since you are doing this, I guess you didn’t get to go back. Sigh!
The dress is wonderful. I do agree on the train being too much for a pagent. It is too easily stepped on or tripped over. I like the shape of the sleeves too but I didn’t get the tie in with the 2nd satin. More than likely because of the different textures and Aurora’s skin tones effecting the color perception.

  • #24 Pumpkin
    2 August, 14:42

squee – I love that you’re doing this. My friends and I often lament when our favorites are auf’d (as you were mine ‘cause gotta love the hometown hero, right?) that it’s a shame that we miss out on seeing what they would have created for the future challenges, so this is completely rad.

I like the dress. I’m a sucker for green, so that helps, but I think your design also does a good job of elongating. I’m not so sure about the sleeves, mostly because they don’t seem right for a pagent. For just a beautiful dress I think it’s kind of neat, but those pagent girls, while beautiful, don’t ever seem very…delicate.

Really looking forward to seeing the rest of your takes on the different challenges.

  • #25 Sarah
    2 August, 15:32

Wow, that is the coolest idea evar, Katherine. I am powerless now but pimp out your website to all of my friends!

And the haircut ain’t bad either.

I liked your video
I liked your dress
I liked your new haircut
and I like your spirit

I just like you


  • #27 submit
    2 August, 20:51

man, katy… you would have won with that dress. you seem so sweet and down to earth, i have to think only MEAN SPIRITED PEOPLE would boot you from the show, especially, ESPECIALLY given the cuteness of the doggy dress. I can’t even REMEMBER angela’s because her outfit was so… horrific. sorry, that was mean. but really.

i think you should have been chosen to make tara’s dress instead of … hmm. instead of vincent or malan. although i liked you on malan’s team…

  • #28 Lydia F
    2 August, 21:21

Excellent choices in the music, and a beautiful dress! Might I suggest tossing in some Lava Toad, The Poxy Boggards, The Bag’n’Pipe Boppers out of Seattle? Sorry, I like a lot of ecletic music. ^^ Hey, at least in the ‘real world’, you get to have your music and do things YOUR way again! Heck, being a snowboarder, mabye Shaun White will hire you to design a line of snowboarder clothes for him? Eh, just trying to look on the good side down here in the land of Chorizo and surf.

Hi Katherine,

I really enjoyed watching your little video – it’s fun to see what you would have done for the challenges – and it’s fun to watch you draft and drape and sew! I enjoy seeing the construction process! I liked your design, and the idea of the train! I think you were definitely eliminated too soon – I liked your green dress the bodice was lovely, and the dog hoodie was really cute! :)

  • #30 Maggie
    2 August, 21:47

Since you’ve talked about your pattern-making mix of draping/drafting, I would love for you to talk about grading, or whatever method you use to make a variety of sizes for the items you produce in mass (I know, but even 5 of a style is sort of “in mass”) Definitely more video, it was concise yet demonstrated your progress beautifully.

I think this is so cool that you’re continuing the challenge, and I hope you continue to do it. If you do decide to keep doing it, you might want to think of putting up a donation button to let people chip in to pay for fabric and stuff.

Keep it up!

oh man that is so awesome! Love the back of the dress. I actually did a sketch of a dress with the back similar to that, so I think you did a excellent job with this. Hope to see more design videos later on!

btw love your playlist, especially your Gorillaz and Queen choices. Some of my favorite songs

  • #33 Amber
    2 August, 22:53

Katy, It was great to meet you thursday night. I wish you the best of luck with all your designs and work. Maybe I’ll see you at a derby in the future. If you have a mailing list – please add me to it! Maybe an upcoming project should be to design a derby uniform!


Totally hooked! Your video did me in. I love watching other people’s processes, no matter what works. It helps me learn & grow as a creative person. What’s more, your personality is engaging, sweet & REAL! I am really looking forward to seeing what you do next…ps… I also had my first steps into doggie fashion this spring ( Completely loved your dress & doggie-hoodie on that episode… too bad for them!!! You’re definitely one to watch. HUGS!

I LOVE your dress! The train is gorgeous, and the color is wonderful. I was sad to see you go last week, the dress was your style and looked like something I’d wear. The dog’s little hoodie was adorable and went with her dress beautifully.
It’s cool to see that your are keeping busy by doing the challenges at home. I do know what you mean by distractions though (I have two cats of my own). My ‘distractions’ like to help sew by sitting on patterns and getting fur all over fabrics lol.
I look forward to reading more of your adventures of PR at Home :-)

  • #36 Kristin
    3 August, 06:50

Fantastic initiative!
‘Challenging’ yourself this way and then producing a video to show it demonstrates tremendous imagination and persistance inspite of a set back. This bodes well for your future success. With some publicity you may be able to ride the Project Runway wave a lot further. Good luck!

  • #37 Jocelyn
    3 August, 13:18

I love the dress! That shade of green is really beautiful and would’ve looked really great on Tara. I think the sleeves might have worked better if they were thicker and maybe reinforced with another layer of lace or bunched or something… to help support the chest area.

Anyway, it’s a gorgeous dress and it’s a pity you were kicked off so soon – you’re super talented.


I love that you are following PR! I was happy to see a Minnesotan represent. I love your designs. I WOULD WEAR THEM!

Katherine- I love the dress you made. Thanks for showing some of your construction techniques in your video- as an amateur sewer it’s very interesting to watch someone with much more education putting stuff together. Hopefully you’ll feature more of that in your future challenges. And your new haircut is adorable. I long for curly hair. -Jys

I loved the video, especially getting to see your process. I don’t know much of anything about designing things to be sewn (I’m a knitter…the most sewing I’ve done is making costumes for my old Odyssey of the Mind team, and those often involved duct tape and staples more than thread!), so it’s really fun to see. That’s really what I like the most about Project Runway, getting to see people actually make clothing (of course, they tend to focus more on ‘drama’, but c’est la vie).

I love the dress! I agree that green would have been a great color for Tara. Her coloring was really similar to mine and the color you chose is one of my favorites to wear. I really like the sleeves, but agree with others who’ve said that they’re not very pageant-y. Maybe if you made them thicker they’d seem more pageant-like?

Your new haircut is cute, and your taste in music is great. I’m looking forward to the next video!

Aw, that dress came out gorgeous! That would have done fantastic if Tara had chosen you for a team leader. The sleeves are a little simplistic, but that’s nothing too big – and you are following the time line too, so that restricts the final outcome. Oh well. The back is beautiful, though. I love trains, and I’m a sucker for… anything that drapes like that – why, I do not know! But I am. You made it work :P

Hey, your new sewing machine looks like mine. Except mine’s from Joanne Fabrics.

I love that you’re doing this. I’m majoring in art, but I’m not sure what I want to choose as a specific major yet. I’m trying drawing and photography and film and the works, and lately I’ve really been getting into fashion design. I’ve only ever really edited old clothes, though, so I don’t know how to start from scratch. This could really help me figure things out :D

And that haircut looks adorable on you ^^; Not to sound creepy and fangirl-ish. ANd yay playlists! Yay Queen and Oasis!

I was so sad to see you go! But I love this dress! It’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what other designs you come up with for the next challenges!!!

  • #43 Marshmallow
    4 August, 10:26

Wow! I think had that one been chosen, it would have easily been in the running for the win! The first thing I noticed (after noticing how beautiful the gown was) was the length of the train/ruffles in the back, so I’m glad you mentioned shortening them. Also, I personally like the sleeves, but I think if they were a bit darker they would go better with the entire gown. I was certainly sad to see you go, but I know we’ll see more of you! Good luck in the future!

  • #44 Colleen
    4 August, 10:53

Hi Katy,
Being an obsessive PR fan since Season One, I really admire the fact that you’re staying engaged with the show despite being aufed, as well as having a place for people to directly correspond with you. The train for this dress is really exquisite. Wish I could’ve seen more of you on the show, but your blog will do just fine.

Thank you for sharing your creative and inspirational process with us! Continuing on with the weekly design projects is such a great idea! I have no fashion design knowledge so your video is really interesting and enjoyable to watch. Make them longer with more detail in the construction phase because it’s interesting to hear about and you have a great video/editing style as well.

Your pageant gown is beautiful. I think it would make a stunning wedding dress as well.

I also wanted to mention that I liked your dress and doggie hoodie from PR. I personally prefer simpler dresses/style and thought your dress was perfect the way it was! I would buy it for a nice summer day out here in Seattle!

I’ve never posted a comment on someone’s blog before but felt compelled to do so after seeing your video and reading about this project. I am impressed and inspired! Best of luck to you in the future and I look forward to watching more videos of your work!

  • #46 BoCat
    4 August, 12:18

firstly, you were effin’ robbed. we know, you know, i think they knew it too.
Secondly your dress looks exquisite. it really would have looked great on the runway and i think the judges would have loved it too.
This whole auf’d project you got here is such a good idea, i’ll be back to snoop on your upcoming projects!

Maybe as another “catie” I’m biased but I miss you on the show! :) Thanks for keeping this up and I love this dress. I think I agree with you about the sleeves, maybe if there were some fabric underneath the lace? Or the lace was on the side? All in all gorgeous though.
Love your taste in music too! Keep up the info, I am really looking forward to see where your career takes you!

I think it’s so cool that you are continuing the challenges! Good luck in the future! I have no doubt that we will be seeing more of your designs. The gown was simply stunning!

I think it’s sad when the designer label and the glitz of the gown have more impact than the woman wearing it. This dress doesn’t detract or overwhelm the woman. The style is clean and draws attention to the curves and class of the person wearing it instead of completely on the dress.

I’d change the strap/sleeve. It’s a little cute in comparison with the elegance of the gown but a flat strap in the core green would be great.

This is a terrific idea – I’m really excited to see what you do next!

  • #50 katelynn
    4 August, 18:45

LOVE the dress, the color, the sleeves, everything!! I was so rooting for you, as a fellow Minneapolitan, and sorry to see you leave the show. I LOVE that you are continuing with the challenges and will be back to see what else you come up with!

  • #51 Tracy
    4 August, 18:51

katherine, i love this dress! i think it’s very cool that you have decided to keep participating in the challenges and look forward to seeing what you design in the future. you are obviously a down to earth, cool girl and i’m sad we didn’t get to see more of you on project runway. i certainly don’t think you should have been auf’d when you were.

  • #52 rachel
    4 August, 21:23

Why,Ms. Gerdes, I do declare, that is an astoundingly beautiful dress.


A gorgeous dress, Katy. Thanks for sharing your work with us all.

  • #54 PRViewer
    5 August, 06:30

Katy! I’m ecstatic to see your work. You have the best attitude – you did not slink away into the shadows – you’re here, and creating beautiful garments! And I love your hair!

yay, fun idea. i’ll be checking back each week…

Very cool. I like the dress and your new hair style.
Keep up the great work, I look forward to seeing more of your designs.

  • #57 Chris
    5 August, 15:40

Your dress is so pretty! It’s so classic and flows very nicely. I LOVE your playlist also, what a neat little bit to add to your journal. Glad you like the zombies ;) sorry you had to leave you were just adorable and your clothes were awesome. Hope everything works out for you!

  • #58 mattyD
    5 August, 15:49

I love the dress! I think it’s really awesome that you are doing the challenges and can’t wait to see what you create with each one. You were one my favorite designers on the show and was really sad to see you go (I really think it wasn’t your time to go at all).

  • #59 michelle
    6 August, 10:02

I adored your stuff on the show and miss your prescence. IMHO, you are heads above many of the contestants. The dress you present here is gorgeous as is the model! Keep doing what you are doing. I am looking forward to buying your work!

  • #60 Gail
    6 August, 11:11

That dress rocks! I knew you should have stayed on PR! That train (is that the right word?) is just gorgeous.

  • #61 Mary
    7 August, 07:36

I LOVE this dress. It is absolutely romantic and sexy. It is definitely something that a celebrity would wear to the Oscars. I can’t wait to see what other things you come up with. Glad to have found your blog.

i think your piercing under your lip is cute, did it hurt? you were my favorite on the show, i admire your passion to keep designing even post project runway.

  • #63 katie
    8 August, 00:14

Hey, you!

I’m so glad that I found this—you were my favorite to win on PR.

It’s great to see such a talented person be so grounded.

Fantastic train by the way :)

  • #64 Jaime
    8 August, 17:23

Thanks for posting the front upright photo. I really love the silloutte of the dress, which that photo highlights. And the draping (assuming it is draping) in the bodice is really pretty.

And it’s obvious to anyone who thinks about the dress that the weight of the material is supported by the entire body. But at first glance, it looks as if the weight is supported by the fragil lace sleaves. It’s like…cognitive dissonance, if that makes sense.

Still, it’s really a little thing, compared to the overall gorgeousness!

  • #65 Jannah
    8 August, 20:33

Dearset Katie! You were auf’d way too soon, complete robbery. Anywho… the gown is fab! Love the color to death. The execution is wonderful, given that satin can sometime buckle when you sew it.
I have to say that I’m on the fence when it comes to the lace. I don’t know if it’s because it isn’t DTM, or just the idea alone that is throwing me off. The gown without it is so beautiful, I think you don’t need the lace. That is unless it’s mostly for support.
Miss you tons!

  • #66 Ra'mon-Lawrence
    9 August, 08:30

Wow, such a great idea!!! I’ll be sure to check in each week. I Love this dress, wow! That fabric is amazing!

  • #67 Kristen
    9 August, 11:11

I love that you love the Olympic Hopefuls.

Beautiful dress. I’m excited I get to see more of your stuff! You’re a unique talent.

we loved the vidio and the dress we are 12 and 13 and if we were that tall we would wear the dress too. i (JoAnn) expecially liked the color and the train. i also liked how the train moved with her when she walked it was really neat and we think it would win. i have never been in a pageant but Candice has when she was a baby but i would really love to be in one but the dress is very lovely

JoAnn and Candice
  • #69 JoAnn and Candice
    26 August, 10:41

I really like the 2 tone ruffles in the train of the dress. =) I love your hair… I think they are both fabulous! =)

Hey, Katie. Love you and your work a ton, and I love that you’re doing this Auf’d Runway thing. However, for me, this dress is not right for the Miss Universe competition. It’s a lovely color combination, but Tarah had said that she wanted more of a red carpet look, and I really don’t see that here at all. I think that the straps look a little bit strange with the dress, and to me, the back looks a little unfinished. I understand that that’s where all of the embellishment on this dress came in, but it leaves the front being rather boring, and the back ruffles are not too flattering.

However, despite my feelings about this garment, I still adore you and everything else you’ve done. This clearly is not within your comfort level, and like the judges told Michael, I would stick to your INCREDIBLE sportswear. Also, I’d love to see you do some menswear designs. Your stuff is so fun and innovative, but it’s not overly girly all the time, so I think that it would translate very well into menswear. Men need some fun new sportwear!

Go Katie! You rock!

In His name,

  • #71 Michael
    28 October, 12:36

I think you rock. More then any thing else in the whole “runway” world.


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