okay… so this goes without saying, but please go out and vote!
We’re already making history with record breaking voter turn-out and don’t you want to be a part of that?

Also, I have never been very political before and have never had that much faith in politicians, but I truly and completely believe in Obama and believe that he can bring America back to the global community and help resolve some of the many problems we’ve encountered over the last 8 years. So please, please consider voting for Obama if you haven’t already!

Oh! And check out this super cool poster I now have hanging in my living room! My friend Bennie works for Burlesque of North America and they printed these posters by David Choe:



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I did my part!

  • #1 Joe
    4 November, 07:44

GREAT poster….please let us know how to get one!

  • #2 Meee Too
    4 November, 19:53

Love the Poster.

  • #3 debra
    26 January, 20:18

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  • #4 wxw
    5 October, 12:52

After all this time, I would say that nothing had changed globally. But USA definitely became more successful on international map.

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    13 June, 22:45

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