Goodbye Alex

Sadly, our cat Alex passed away this morning after suffering an unknown injury which lead to a heart attack. X-rays showed that he had an abnormally large heart, so I’m going to say he died of too much love.

Unfortunately, I am still out of town and was unable to say goodbye, but Joe said he was purring until the end.

We love you Alex and will miss you very much. You were the happiest cat we could have asked for.


goodbye Alex. we love you.

View more photos of just how funny Alex was.


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I am sorry for your loss. A lot of his pictures are funny. They could easily be funny cat pictures. :)

Thanks Trevor. It’s been hard, but we’ve been trying to just remember how great he was. He was a super funny cat and was always entertaining everyone (I think he has more friends than I do!).


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Flickr photos! lots of photos, especially of cats.

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Bamboo Fabric Store I'm trying to move my Spring '08 collection into the green by using organic and/or sustainable fabrics. I found all my new bamboo jersey fabrics here and I'm totally in love with them!

Project Runway 3 DVD I got this for Christmas and am still too scared to watch it! I've heard that I'm shown on the DVD a lot more than I was on the season... eek!


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