Project Runway Season 5 recaps!

I guess I need to start off by apologizing for my very un-speedy timing on these recaps… I just moved and don’t have cable yet (argh!) and on top of that I’m now out East teaching a summer fashion class. The good news is that we have cable here, so after the students go to bed I can steal the TV in the dorms and enjoy!

I’ve written my usual recaps for the first 3 episodes and you can find them here:

Episode 1: Let’s Start from the Beginning

Episode 2: Grass is Always Greener

Episode 3: Bright Lights/Big City

So… let’s dish… what do you like about the current season? Picked a favorite designer yet (I’m liking Leann & Korto)? Do you like that they went back to more “green” or unpolished designers or do you wish they had stuck with the more experienced “Rami” type designers? Tell me please! :)


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I agree that it’s nice to go back to having less-experienced designers. There’s more opportunity for out-there designs and new points of view. Maybe even a little refreshing bad taste.

  • #1 katnap
    5 August, 10:28

Cool, where out east are you teaching a fashion class? If you’re ever in the Boston area I would love to sign up. I’ve been contemplating trying to sew a bit more than just costumes lately, not for any PR aspirations, but just to maybe be able to make myself a skirt or a dress occasionally. I’m not sure what’s happening to fashion lately, but every time I go to the mall, it seems there’s nothing but fug for sale. I think the industry has just gotten to a point that doesn’t jive with my style.

Let’s see, what do I like about the current season? I think that Kenley is adorable, in a platonic ‘‘I wish I looked like her!’‘ way, so I guess there’s that. Terri and Korto seem pretty cool and promising, other than that, ummm… I like reading the blogs online? I don’t think that counts though. Seriously I’m just really not feeling this season so far, I’m not sure why. It lacks some sort of je ne sais quoi. I’m having a tough time even remembering when it comes on, if it weren’t for the fact that TiVo automatically records it for me, I’d probably forget to watch.

Korto and Terri are probably vying for my favorites right now, although there’s no one who stands out above all the rest for me like last season with Christian. So far, no one has made me sit up straight on the couch, point to the tv and say,’‘That person’s really good, they’re going to go far in the industry’‘, like in previous seasons. It’s not because as a whole the designers are more inexperienced and less established, because Christian was only 21 after all, they just seem to lack the creative spark that some previous competitors had.

A part of me wonders if they purposely selected middle-of-the-road designers so that this season would be less exciting and viewership would peter off before the show switched to Lifetime next season. Network sabotage! I know, probably not, but it did occur to me. I think it’s probably just me, maybe I’m jaded from watching too many seasons. I still can’t believe that there have been five seasons already. Holy heck!

  • #2 Kendra
    6 August, 08:39


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