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Should have trusted those instincts

I don’t know if you remember, but a while back I showed this picture of Joe board-sliding a rainbow rail and said that I was a bit chicken of it… well, I guess I should have listened to my instinct because 4 days later I was attempting the rail and now look at me:

ACL recovery

So I ended up tearing my ACL (for the second time on that knee!) and also tore my medial meniscus. I had surgery a few weeks ago and I’m now crutching around like a pro.

The saddest thing about the whole accident? I actually LANDED the trick and that impact is what hurt my knee… it seems like when I fall and tumble down the hill I’m totally fine, but as soon as I land something (same thing happened the first time I had this surgery) I get hurt.

Oh well… guess I’m not 16 anymore. Us old folks should take it easy huh?

Anyways, sorry I’ve been out of the loop and not keeping you up-to-date. I’ll be catching up on some PR recaps tomorrow before the finale!

ps… if you’re curious (like I am), my doctor gave me some photos of the surgery while they were inside my knee fixing everything. I’m so fascinated by them that I had to share. Click here if you’re interested and don’t get squimish. (Sorry it’s not currently working… I’m not that web savvy and have to wait for help on this… should be running in a bit)


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Awesome! Hahaha. Get well soon.

Ouch! Hopefully this is something that will mend and not become a long and irritating problem. Knee injuries are no fun. :(

Congrats on nailing the trick though! Whoo hoo! :)

Good luck with rehabilitation and crutching!

  • #2 Kendra
    5 March, 10:15

Poor you! That’s painful… More time to sew?

I have a question. Did you ever watch Season 3 of PR yet? I was going through old school BPR and I really miss Season 3. You should try out for season 5. I will give you $10 to go to auditions :).

I would say the saddest part is that it happened on the first run, so we were only there for 10 minutes before we packed up and left.

At least now you have a good excuse to hang out and play Viva-Pinata, and watch the Office …

Not to mention the handicapped parking permit.

Hope everything heals up okay so we can ride more next season.

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