Auf'd From the Runway

AUF'D Runway: Sketches for the final challenges...

quilted shrug

I haven’t made them yet, but here are some sketches for the remaining challenges… just to get you excited!


AUF'D Runway: "High Flying Fashion" Episode 8

I totally didn’t expect this to be a hard challenge, and I can’t completely explain why, but it was definitely the hardest challenge so far that I’ve worked on and I think it’s going to be the hardest one. I couldn’t figure out what to design even after I had sketched and went fabric shopping, I still ended up changing it a few times and eventually ended up pretty close to where I started!


AUF’d Runway: “Everyday Woman” Episode 7

Okay, first off…sorry this is so late. I promise that I’m trying to catch up, but the last few weeks and the next few weeks are a bit busy here! Just for fun, here is a list of excuses I have for this being so late, feel free to pick your favorite one:


AUF’d Runway: “Waste Not, Want Not” Episode 6

For the “Waste Not, Want Not” episode I headed over to a local shop called Ax-Man. Ax-Man is a surplus store that’s filled with all sorts of crap, recycled materials, motor parts, engraved mugs from weddings, doll legs, medical supplies, you name it they have something like it!


AUF’d Runway: “Iconic Statement” Episode 5

My concept for Janis Joplin’s updated look was to create something that was comfortable and stage ready, but still had a rock and roll, sexy “bad girl” vibe to it. I decided on a flowy, printed chiffon that had a 70’s hippy feel to it, but was very modern and had some great colors in it. Over that I wanted to create a cropped bolero/shrug jacket and found some fantastic metallic bronze/gold leather pieces! They were crumpled up in a bin and I thought that would make a really great “distressed” look for the jacket.


AUF’d Runway: “Macy’s I.N.C. Challenge (Reap What You Sew)” Episode 4

Let me start off by saying that it is much harder than I thought to play along with the challenges AFTER seeing what happens in the episode, like what outfit wins and why, etc… I’ve tried to create what I would have prior to seeing the episode, but it’s hard. I’m not saying it’s hard to not copy the winning outfit, because it’s not my style, but I realized how careful I had to be with details to make sure it doesn’t look like I’m copying anyone.


AUF’d Runway: “Fit for a Queen”

To start this week, I took the 2nd episode “Fit for a Queen” and made the dress that I presented to Tara. She had asked for a design that would elongate her short frame, preferably in earth tones and above all wanted a design that would showcase Tara herself, rather than the design being the first thing you noticed.


Auf'd but not forgotten ...

After getting "Auf'd" from the third Season of Bravo's reality T.V. show Project Runway I decided to play along on my own. I realized that the thing that upset me the most about getting the boot was that I was no longer going to get to partake in the fun challanges. As a result I'm going to follow the same guidlines for each challange including time, money, and anything else they might throw at the designers, and post my results here where you can be the judge.

Want to see more? Check out my portfolio to see some of the other things I've done.

... and naturally still very busy.

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