Below you will find complete listing of everything that has been posted to this site with the newest items listed first and the oldest items listed last.

May 2010
4th-I design. I bake. I snowboard. in journal
November 2008
4th-HOPE in journal
August 2008
13th-Season 5: Episode 4 “Rings of Glory” in journal
11th-Goodbye Alex in journal
5th-Project Runway Season 5 recaps! in journal
5th-Season 5: Episode 3 “Bright Lights / Big City” in journal
5th-Season 5: Episode 2 “Grass is Always Greener” in journal
5th-Season 5: Episode 1 “Let’s Start From the Beginning” in journal
July 2008
14th-Last Chance to VOTE! in journal
June 2008
27th-Vote for me! (please!) in journal
2nd-Fashion Design SCAM! in journal
April 2008
24th-Guest blogger for Star Tribune in journal
21st-Dye Disaster! in journal
19th-Open Studio and Trunk Show April 20th! in journal
16th-It's time! Voltage 2008 is tonight! in journal
March 2008
17th-Project Runway recaps! in journal
17th-Season 4: Bryant Park Collections in journal
17th-Season 4: Episode 11 “The Art of Fashion” in journal
4th-Should have trusted those instincts in journal
February 2008
12th-Season 4: Episode 10 “Raw Talent” in journal
2nd-Who says Minneapolis isn't cool? in journal
January 2008
30th-DIFFA Denim Makeover (part deux) in journal
30th-Season 4: Episode 9 “Even Designers Get the Blues” in journal
20th-Season 4: Episode 8 “En Garde!” in journal
17th-Lucky Magazine- Minneapolis Shopping in portfolio
17th-I'm in Lucky Mag!!! in journal
13th-Season 4: Episode 7 “What a Girl Wants” in journal
13th-Season 4: Episode 6 “Eye Candy” in journal
10th-Lutsen Trip 2008 in journal
December 2007
26th-Recovering from your food/present/family hangover yet? in journal
17th-Season 4: Episode 5 “What’s the Skinny” in journal
12th-DIFFA Denim Makeover in journal
9th-Season 4: Episode 4 in journal
3rd-That about sums it up! in journal
2nd-Season 4: Episode 3 “Fashion Giant” in journal
November 2007
26th-Back on Snow... finally! in journal
25th-Season 4: Episode 2 “I Started Crying” in journal
16th-Photo Shoot with Stokes Foto in portfolio
16th-How To #2 “Drawing the Clothes” in journal
15th-Season 4: Episode 1 “Sew Me What You Got” in journal
8th-Photo shoot with John Klukas in journal
8th-John Klukas Photo Shoot in portfolio
October 2007
30th-My Summer "Top 10" Day 10 in journal
29th-My Summer "Top 10" Day 9 in journal
25th-My Summer "Top 10" Day 8 in journal
24th-My Summer "Top 10" Day 7 in journal
22nd-My Summer "Top 10" Day 6 in journal
19th-My Summer "Top 10" Day 5 in journal
18th-My Summer "Top 10" Day 4 in journal
17th-My Summer "Top 10" Day 3 in journal
16th-My Summer "Top 10" Day 2 in journal
15th-My Summer "Top 10" Day 1 in journal
June 2007
1st-More Voltage Pictures Up! in journal
May 2007
30th-Happy 26th Birthday To Me! in journal
18th-365 Days in journal
7th-Voltage; Fashion Amplified 2007 in portfolio
1st-Super DIVA 2007 in portfolio
April 2007
28th-Star Tribune Fashion Weekend in portfolio
28th-Star Tribune "Return to the Runway" in portfolio
28th-Voltage '07 Look Book in portfolio
28th-City Pages "Best of 2007" in portfolio
28th-Design Collective Spring '07 Ad in portfolio
28th-Star Tribune Voltage '07 blog in portfolio
27th-Voltage '07 Top 10 List in portfolio
27th-Best of the Twin Cities in portfolio
27th-The Rake - DIVA '06 in portfolio
27th-Fame Digest - DIVA '06 in portfolio
27th-Fresh Face Showcase '06 in portfolio
14th-Online Store Up! in journal
9th-Voltage this Wednesday! in journal
March 2007
21st-Bravo's Fashion Forward Site in journal
18th-Spring '07 collection (part 1) pictures up! in journal
16th-"Laura" dress in portfolio
16th-"Geneva" dress in portfolio
16th-"Jenna-Lynn" dress in portfolio
16th-"Norah" dress in portfolio
16th-"Asha-Renae" dress in portfolio
16th-"Linnea" dress in portfolio
16th-"Jodi" dress in portfolio
16th-"Aurora" dress in portfolio
16th-"Joy" dress in portfolio
16th-Spring '07 collection (part 1) in portfolio
11th-Macy's Fashionista in journal
February 2007
28th-DIVA sneak preview Wednesday in journal
27th-DIVA sneak preview Tuesday in journal
26th-DIVA sneak preview Monday in journal
25th-Super DIVA fashion show March 3rd! in journal
November 2006
23rd-Happy Turkey Day! in journal
18th-Moving on up in journal
18th-Trend Alert!!! in journal
18th-When I grow up, I want to be... in journal
October 2006
23rd-Project Runway Finale Recap in journal
19th-And the winner is..... in journal
17th-Project Runway Finale Party in journal
16th-Designer. D-E-S-I-G-N-E-R. Designer. in journal
11th-Episode 12: They’re Back! Reunion Show in journal
4th-AUF'D Runway: Sketches for the final challenges... in journal
4th-AUF'D Runway: "High Flying Fashion" Episode 8 in journal
2nd-Episode 11: What The Elle? in journal
September 2006
24th-Episode 10: Black and White in journal
9th-AUF’d Runway: “Everyday Woman” Episode 7 in journal
9th-Episode 9: Couture Du Jour in journal
4th-Bands vs. Fans in journal
2nd-Episode 8: High Flying Fashion in journal
August 2006
27th-Cities 97 "Project Back Porch" at the State Fair in journal
27th-AUF’d Runway: “Waste Not, Want Not” Episode 6 in journal
26th-Episode 7: Everyday Woman in journal
26th-Bling ala Malan in journal
21st-Episode 6: Waste Not, Want Not in journal
20th-AUF’d Runway: “Iconic Statement” Episode 5 in journal
19th-Episode 5: Iconic Statement in journal
19th-Gone But Not Forgotten ... in journal
17th-AUF'D runway will be returning... just a little late in journal
10th-AUF’d Runway: “Macy’s I.N.C. Challenge (Reap What You Sew)” Episode 4 in journal
6th-Episode 4: Reap What You Sew in journal
2nd-AUF’d Runway: “Fit for a Queen” in journal
July 2006
27th-Episode 3: Designer’s Best Friend in journal
26th-AUF'D ... but not forgotten! in journal
20th-Episode 2: Fit for a Queen in journal
20th-How To #1 “Croquis” in journal
19th-Episode 1: Wall-to-Wall Challenge in journal
18th-More pictures from the PR 3 premiere! in journal
18th-I'm a nerd...that's why I'm writing this! in journal
14th-Star Tribune Interview in portfolio
13th-St. Paul Pioneer Press Article in portfolio
13th-Red Carpet, Blue Carpet. One Carpet, Two Carpet. in journal
7th-How Does Britney Do It? in journal
7th-Hello, in journal
June 2006
30th-Organic Light in portfolio
30th-Voltage; Fashion Amplified 2005 in portfolio
30th-A Twist on Culture in portfolio
30th-Target Cherokee Project in portfolio
30th-Winter Rush in portfolio
30th-Spring '05 Collection in portfolio
30th-Rainy Day Jewels in portfolio
30th-DIVA Noir 2006 in portfolio
29th-Fort Thunder in portfolio
29th-Pack Rat in portfolio
29th-Hipster Anyone in portfolio
29th-Not as they Appear in portfolio
28th-Alecia's Dress in portfolio
27th-Melodious Owl in portfolio
December 2005
30th-Cocoa Coat in portfolio

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